Suction cup razor holder (micro-view)

Convenient suction cup holder for shavingmachine tool. Bought back in March last year. It keeps well on the tile, although it fell off a couple of times during the entire use due to the drying of the suction cup. When the last time fell off, I greased the suction cup with silicone grease and now for about 5 months, it keeps as glued. Bought due to the fact that it was too lazy to climb every timein the cabinet, get the glass with the machine, then clean it all up again (before the repair the cabinet hung in an uncomfortable place). He made repairs, the locker is now right in front of his eyes, but he left the holder, as it does not interfere, and he’s already used to it, that he’s always at hand. Where I took, I already do not have these holders, I found another store with a price tag below mine.

Payment and track

Here's a micro-review turned out. Thank you for attention.