Baby ‘Mimi’ hat, Hats & Caps for baby

Hello. Here is such an inexpensive and interesting present I gave to my new niece))).
I ask for a cut).
I liked this hat, thanks sweetprint and unusual shape. Once liked, then order. At the time of purchase, we had one contender for such a gift, but until the hands came to give, the child had grown up and the hat might not fit. So now my nephew is wearing).
The goods are provided as unisex, depending on the gender of the child they choose the color of the cap, well, or whatever they want).
In reality, the hat has some differences with the seller’s photo: there is no inscription “poponi”, but without it it’s even better, why do we need too much.
Color ordered pink. It matches.
This is how it looks:

Nice print!).
The peculiarity of this hat is that there is also a print on the U-turn. What is it for, I'll tell you later! The print is a little different.

Inside the cap has a standard shape. The material really looks like a soft cat.

The seams are normal. Inside the cap is double / two-layer, so the seams are hidden between the layers. The top seam is made so that the cap has a standard shape, and not the shape of a cone.

You can wear it like that. In my opinion it looks interesting).

Why do we need a print on the other hand?
This is not indicated on the product page, but I understand so ...
When your child plays and sports, then it wearshat in the usual way and we see the print of a smiling face, but as soon as the child gets tired and falls asleep, so that the sun does not shine in your eyes, you cover his eyes and see a print of the face with closed eyelids.
It is quite relevant in spring and summer, when the sun shines clearly from heaven.
The child at the time of photographing was not there, so something like this:

Conclusion: cool and cute hat.
The only negative: a bit crooked print.
Thank you for watching.