Children's Railway “Thomas and his friends”

Many have children, and all of them grow. My mother and I decided to buy a railroad for the New Year for children. The child recently began to watch a cartoon about (in my opinion) ugly trains, with an almost human face. Well, we decided to order the Railway, just for this cartoon. What came of it, read on ...
Since we decided to order very late, or ratherDecember 11th. It was somehow scary, for the fate of the package. Although, we must pay tribute to the PR, in November it worked very well. After the order, I asked the seller to send faster, and on the 13th of the day he gave the track and 15 already started to track.
Track number

And yesterday I received the package, totaling 9 days on the way. For New Year's Eve Post, it seems to me this is a record.
Railroad came in a non-original box.

Whole set

Little Thomas Thomas

Wagons Annie

All together versus AA battery
Steam locomotives

A total of 18 rails are included.
12 rounded, 4 branched and 2 straight

There is also a Tunnel in the kit (for some reason I didn’t photograph it separately, there is a photo in the general photo).
2 Christmas trees and a railway station

The engine is powered by a single AA battery

It is assembled easily, everything is adjusted quite neatly.
There are no defects in the plastic, the plastic does not smell.
There are small kosyachki with stickers on the sides.

The older child with the cat were satisfied

And then the baby Godzilla came))

In general, in summary, I will say that the children are happy, which means the parents are the same.
All with the coming.