Children's hats on a little boy)))

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Hello hello hello ... oh these kids ... especiallywhen they are still little kids, parents are ready to dress them up like dolls every day. Here we are from among those parents who love their “baby”. My husband and I decided to buy a hat for my son by spring. In general, I’ll immediately say I’m happy with the purchase.
In the review there will be several hats purchased from different sellers.
The package went for 18 days, the caps came that colorwhich was chosen, the seams are even (do not rub), the material stretches well, the only thing that surprised me is the material. From the seller’s description, it is stated that it is 100% cotton, but rather it is polyester and thin enough, it is designed for cool summers or warm autumn-spring.
They were ordered in the spring of 2014, we already wore and washed, after wearing, the color did not change, we did not lose shape (width around the edge 18 cm.)

And of course the hero of the review itself, our son

We also liked this hat, it is dense double, stretches well and after washing has not changed, the print is printed (width around the edge is 21 cm.)

And our Timokha

My dad and I are happy with the purchase, our son bought the hats for 1.4 months, now we are almost 2 and they are still good for him, I think that there will be enough for 2-3 more seasons.