Children's notebook or almost live fox

Good afternoon! I am writing for the first time (:
Quite a rare lot on Ali.
Let's take a closer look =)

Upon receipt of the parcel in the mail and picking upIt was possible to note a rather tangible weight of 320 grams. Plump. Inside such a black bag felt a lot of pimples protecting the notebook on both sides.

Plus transparent packaging with a picture on the back, in which our notebook was placed. What pleased you.
And this is our beauty.

A pink pen was carefully put to the notebook. The only negative is the packaging in too little free space inside the package. As a result, the eyes suffered from all the “soft protection”, leaving a little paint on the bag. But the seller is not to blame. But still, it would be very good if he would attach some soft material to the eyes, scraps of thread.
On the back of the notebook, you can better see the structure of the notebook, the seam and of course the soft ears to the touch. They are really soft and pleasant.

“We need more ears!” © Anonymous 15/12/14.

The first title page of a notebook about an address, mail, phone ...

On the second page we have a calendar,the next three will contain information on zip codes of provinces in China, hospital telephones, temperature calculations, differences in clothing sizes and units of measure (length, area, volume, mass).

Even a card is

And after the "information" about the world begin their journeyordinary sheets in stripes. Dense to the touch. The minus is that all approaching the end of the sheets, the sheets going one after another are more and more difficult to lay on the left side.

The end sheets are thicker like cardboard.

Now back to the pen. The pink inscription “Queen” or just “Kui? N” on the pink pen jokes a little on the Queen's theme, which will be such if she holds this pen. I really really wanted to write that for the first time a Chinese pen that didn’t smell of smell ... but at the very last moment, my head seriously got sick from the smell in the pen.

But he writes well. I see a cat on these scrapes.

That's all, thank you very much to those who ran into this "review".