Children's set for the girl

Greetings to all. I offer an overview of the kit for the girl for the summer, consisting of a tunic, breeches and bandanas. Although, if you knew what the summer would be like, you probably would have ordered a coat. At the moment, the best option for wearing is, as always, a kindergarten. Details under the cut.
The purchase was spontaneous due to a small excess of money. Choose by
the principle that I liked it was in the basket, and later sellers were sorted by reliability and price.
The seller has two options for sets for girls from 2 to 8 years. We chose with breeches. It is more convenient when playing in the sandbox and gives greater freedom of action.
Daughters 4.5 years, so they chose a kit for 5 years. Dimensions as always forgot to see, usually there are problems with a small size, but nothing happened.
The seller has a size chart and age matching:

After receiving and trying on, they began to compare the sizes and it turned out to be just guessed. The difference was a few centimeters, within the margin of error.
Shipping and Packaging

Let's analyze the kit for details:
The color is blue, a little pale with a round yoke and deep armholes for the sleeves.
In the abdomen there is an application of the popular kitten “Hello Kitty”. The application is printed. Tunic with frill in the neck and bottom in two rows.
The seams are processed neatly and evenly on the overlock.

Dad stroked, so the neck turned out to be a curve, in fact there is no defect =)
White, also with the application of the kitten “Hello Kitty”. Which is also printed. all seams are also treated with overlock. There is a small amount of thread trimmer.

It is executed on an elastic band, color blue, in white polka dots. They were not sure that they would be allowed to wear it in the kindergarten, but they could. Usually requirements for a covered head. The main goal is to remove hair from the face, well, and probably aesthetic, addition to the tunic at least in color.

The gum is not tight, you can safely wear at least a whole day.

Complete kit:
Material 100% cotton (knitwear). Wash at 30 degrees, ironing per unit.
Washed until once, immediately after receipt in the mail. After washing, deformations and molting were not found.

The state of the seams:

Labels with size and annotation for cleaning and ironing:

Applique: Kitty kitten in pink colors. And in what else, if not pink =)

Trying on a future model:
Due to the fact that the owner is outside in such weatherhe won’t even drive the dog out; he had to conduct a photo shoot at home. In addition, we are still on sick leave. The left shoulder is slightly higher - the effects of a recent collarbone fracture. Within a year, everything will level out.

Well, just a kitty

Let's sum up:
The kit was liked by everyone around. It sits comfortably, guessing the size. Movement does not constrain.
Good quality. The price is at least one and a half times lower than in local stores.
Unfortunately, wear resistance and washing resistance for 1-2 times cannot be clearly identified, so time will tell. on the other hand, next year most likely the size will be small.