Children's designer a la "Plumbing"

Just a child’s toy. Under the cutter a brief description and detailed photographs about this.
Delivery of 14 days to the Leningrad region (!), An international format track was correctly tracked at all stages.
The kit is delivered in a regular mail package; the sender does not use any sealing / packaging materials. However, during the delivery, not a single detail of the designer was damaged - the plastic is rather thick and elastic, not fragile.
The factory packaging is an ordinary plastic bag, the cardboard valve of which is completely speckled with Chinese prayers.

And so what do we get? There are only four types of parts: “pipe”, “corner”, “crosspiece” and “insert”.

And the pairing of parts takes place according to the principledad mom. It should be noted that the reliability of pairing in each case is different. Some elements are suitable for each other and, on the contrary, they hold rather weakly, but there are few such border options, basically the reliability of fastening is at the level normal for a child’s designer.

Color options for parts can also bea few - sky blue, carrot orange, sunny yellow, light green, purple, blood red and swamp green. Moreover, no correlation between color and shape is observed. Random all-great!
Yes, there is color and shape, in fact there is not even information about the total number of parts. In the lot description on the seller’s page on this occasion evasively indicated 50-60 pcs.

As a hint for usethe designer in the kit there is a glossy liner with the image of all kinds of models. There are no complaints about color and print quality; a little depressing that again not a word in Russian English. Therefore, I could not identify some objects.

Of those that I managed to identify me a littlepuzzled by the upper left diagram. We call it conditionally "dancing couple." Judging by the fact that in each figure two “crosses” are used, both dancers are bad men (!).
Correct this to a more familiar situation in our society. Let's make partners heterosexual.

Well, if you include the fantasy, then providedtemplates can and should not be used at all, but create your own shapes. Of course, you won’t achieve a portrait resemblance to the original, but you can have fun. Actually, for this, the constructor is made.
For example, I tried to make a camel.

With regard to the quality of manufacturing parts, then onthere is a few round. It does not interfere with its intended use, so you can leave everything as it is. Although, if necessary, it can easily be cut off or bit off with side cutters.

Worse is another. The internal gaps of many parts are blindly closed, which means they are not suitable as a “water supply system”. Of course, this is also fixable, although technically more difficult.

One way or another, despite all these shortcomings, the child liked the designer. And this seems to be the main plus for any children's toy.
ps Now goodbye. Be good!