Children's Microscope

I remembered that a child asked to give her a toy microscope, knowing his child that for a couple of days he decided to look at all the toys, what is there and stumbled upon such an expensive miracle.
A small children's microscope is made of plastic rather qualitatively, plastic is not smelly, parts without backlashes, screws can be accurately tightened or loosened.
The microscope itself, four plastic “glasses”, two plastic jars, one box with cotton wool, stickers and plastic tweezers are included.
Photo appearance.

LED power from two “finger” AA batteries

Turn on the LED.

Plastic clamps for glasses.

Magnification by 1200X, 400X, 100X there is no difference between them.

I tried to take some photos as it enlarges.
Glass from the kit

the cloth


Flower leaf

Video Review

TOTAL: A toy and nothing more, the child played one evening and threw it on a shelf. Who is going to buy, I recommend, take a look at more expensive models, maybe they will be better and at least something can be considered normally.