Wine Long Velvet Dress

Hello. A long time ago I did not write something, and this review was a bit late. I wanted to write it as soon as the holidays ended, but something did not work out ...
Now dresses from similar materials have become fashionable. Velor, velvet, etc. fabrics - they are all fit and fashionable again.
I could not pass by such beautiful dresses, and after the appearance of real reviews I ordered myself a few pieces.
It was decided that such a dress would be worn on NewYear. But I didn’t have time to come to me that which I really wanted to wear for this holiday, so I put on the first one who came. The main thing is that the New Year was celebrated in a new dress))).
There are such colors to choose from:

I chose red, or rather, the "wine" color. This color is more festive and elegant. I classify such dresses as basic. They are universal and can be combined with much, especially if the color is more standard, such as black or others.
Personally, I plan to wear a dress with leather andboots. I like such a slightly aggressive, but at the same time feminine style. Also, as an option, you can put on some kind of sweatshirt (sweater) on the dress. If you choose the right color, it will come out very harmoniously. You can also experiment and put on such a dress on a T-shirt. Yes, yes, now this option is very often practiced. The same sundresses on thin straps - put on t-shirts, thin blouses, and the images are youthful, stylish and not hackneyed.
The size is "single." On the figure 85/63 / 91cm the dress did not sit tight.

Since the dress is long, I could not find where to photograph it completely, so in the photo you will see it in parts))).
Thin straps and a V-neck give the dress lightness, although it is not so weighty. The material is relatively weighty, the more the dress is long and there is a lot of fabric.

At the bottom side there is a 23cm long incision.

The back is simpler:

In the area of ​​the chest and on the back, the fabric is in two layers, as in the photo below:

The material itself is delicate and soft. The fabric shimmers beautifully and I like it.

The seams are all right. They are even and whole. Of course, sewing was not perfect, there was one nuance in the area of ​​double fabric (there, the thread parted a little along the seam edge), but good, this is one such moment and more like this was not noticed. A couple of threads still sticks out.

Dress measurements:
- exhaust gas 72cm,
- FROM 67cm,
- ABOUT 83cm,
- length 112cm,
- size on the side 23cm.
The dress tightens the chest, but at the waist it is not inclose-fitting. Due to this, from the back above the hips it is free, as if sagging, but the hips themselves are still clearly visible, albeit not in the way we would like. Still, “one size” did not promise me a tight dress, so everything is in order =)
I say right away that the straps in my wardrobe are very tight ... I have few decorative thin straps, so I could not find a suitable one and "pulled on" the one that was ...
My version didn’t fit the dress, but I introduced myself as Santa in a red robe = D
Conclusion: the dress is very good. At home, I put it on simply as a thing in which it will not be hot, in which it will be comfortable, and which will look beautiful. On the street I will wear it in completely different and more interesting looks.
For its price is quite normal. Maybe it would be worth trimming and shortening it, but I like that length. I already have short dresses, but long ones ... not enough. Therefore, I will not touch, well, at least not this color. If I decide to order in a different color version, then I’ll already cut off a fair amount of the length, but for now ... let it live =)
Thank you for watching.