Two skirts ... or two tops?)

I’ll tell you about a couple of skirts in which, as they say, “you can go to a feast and to the world” ... Details under the cut.
An overview of such a skirt was already here. They only differ in smaller assemblies, which attracted me.
I also liked the fact that they are multifunctional) And of course the price “bribed”. For 7 dollars I received not only skirts, but also tops, and even a cocktail dress)
Skirts arrived quickly, they walked less than a month.They were packed in a regular postal bag. Each skirt was also in its bag. There were no “insignia” in the form of tags or labels. At first glance, everything was stitched neatly.

I liked the skirts very much. I was afraid that they would be short or narrow, as it usually happens. But no. They have sufficient length and elasticity. They stretch well both in length and in width.

The material is polyester (as stated by the seller).The fabric is like kapron, but denser. Skirts almost do not shine, thanks to the available assemblies. Why almost? Because it’s pink and, I think, like other colored ones, it all slightly opens up a certain “veil of secrecy”))) But this can be avoided by choosing linen in tone.
The size of the skirts is universal. Measurements at the seller:
Waist: 50cm - 65cm
Length: 36cm - 40cm
I got such

Moreover, the pink skirt was slightly less than black.

The quality of the fabric is not very good. Since spools appear during socks and there may be puffs.

On my parameters 88/63/93, the skirt sat down normally. At a height of 161 cm, it is generally excellent. The length is enough, you can reach the knee. You feel very comfortable in it.
But such variations can be invented with these two rags)
Some bows

Conclusion: I liked it very much. I’m glad of a variety of colors. I would buy everything) For girls up to 170 cm tall and up to 48 clothing sizes I advise!