Two Frozen Cartoon Dolls

One of the most favorite holidays inour country - New Year. The question naturally arises: What to give to your beloved niece? I think many users of this site will agree with me that most modern children now have everything and it’s becoming more and more difficult to surprise them. One of the most proven options is to purchase a toy made based on your favorite cartoon. My niece's is Frozen.
Original products have an indecent price and given the high probability of “being thrown into a box”, I decided to look for a good clone that does not have a “specific smell” and will look like the original.
Delivery and packaging Through a search, I found the right product and after reading the reviews, I decided to place an order. Delivery from Singapore to Omsk via Moscow) took only 20 days for me, this was a pleasant surprise.
The dolls were packed in a cardboard box, which additionally protected the goods from the carelessness of the Russian Post. Transparent boxing was also present.

Special attention: Because each batch of goods is not the same
There will be slightly different from the pictures.
This inscription in the description was very alarming, but as it turned out, I was worried in vain. The dolls turned out to be cute, but of course, far from completely resembling the original from the cartoon.

The size of each toy is about 30 cm. The clothes are well-sewn, but there are protruding threads that are easy to remove.
Dolls have movable hands, arms, legs and head. Clothing and shoes can be removed.

I recommend to buy for such a price the product is excellent.
Instead of a cat