Doorbell plus antenna modification

Ordinary wireless doorbell. It works well, but when installing behind an iron fence, a problem arose, the radio signal from the bell disappeared. I had to disassemble and modify the antenna so that the signal could penetrate the barrier.
A call on a metal sheet of a metal profile. Naturally, the sheet of metal reflects the entire signal in the opposite direction:

I decided to deal with the problem of installing the antenna.
I took a piece of wire from a twisted pair, one core,soldered to the contact pad number 1 on the left. The signal disappeared almost completely! Somehow I made my way from 10 cm from the bell. An amazing result, I did not expect that it is so easy to disrupt the transmission path. I soldered the antenna to the contact pad No. 2, the same thing.
He began to experiment, it turned out if the contact pads were closed by a conductor, signal transmission was restored. So he did, soldered the twisted pair to the pads No. 1 and No. 2, it all worked.

We clean the needle with a protective green layer from the track and solder the wire, which will be the antenna.

It can be seen that 2 wiring form a ring, whichworks like an antenna. Perhaps the track on the board can be cut (since we no longer need it as an antenna), but I'm not sure about that. It is also possible that the length of the conductors matters, the length is taken at random, forgot to measure, probably 15 centimeters each.

Then I drilled a hole in the metal profile, and brought the pieces of wire there so that the signal went towards the house to the receiver itself - the call.

Maybe someone will experience such a modificationuseful since the solution is not very obvious. In fact, you need to take the transmission chain and experiment with the antenna. A range of 10 meters on the street and one “light” wall with windows for the radio signal. Perhaps even the range is greater than it was, since an external antenna may be better than a microscopic built-in.
I decided not to stick on the tape that came in the kit,and first on the rubber bands so that you can take off if something goes wrong. And then to hot melt. Hot-melt adhesive stuck poorly to metal. The metal is cold, the adhesive does not have time to adhere to the surface (it is likely to leak into pores on the surface). I tried to heat the metal with a gas burner, the glue melted and stuck to the surface. We had to do this right away, so the metal overheated a bit, a dark spot on top and melted the insulation on the wire and burned the gum (it wasn’t needed much already). Then I will remake the mount to a more beautiful one. Perhaps you need to mount on a thick double-sided tape. And in the back there is a box for the “antenna” or a protective plastic screen to hide all the elements.
The call was purchased on November 11, 2016, untilToday idle when turned on, the battery is in perfect order. This moment was the most important for me. Why do you need a doorbell if you eat batteries in a month, for example. This one is very economical. The receiving part is powered by 220V, which is logical, since the receiver consumes more.

And it’s also interesting how it will behave in winter in the cold. You may also need some kind of visor. And in the summer, when the metal can warm up to 60 degrees.
Now I thought, you could just cut out the windowin the metal profile is small, attach a sheet of plastic and a bell on it, the signal would go through the window and would not have to solder anything. Locksmiths instead of electronic, their pros and cons.
Option from the comments. Solder the button parallel to the main bell button and wire it to a convenient place. Do not touch the transmitting part, hang the transmitting part inside the yard on the inside of the fence. There are pluses to this solution:
1. If the transmitter is closed in a sealed installation box, there will be complete protection against precipitation, to some extent from direct sunlight and overheating.
2. Above will be vandal resistance, a penny button is not so pathetic as the main part.
3. It is more convenient to disassemble the mounting box to replace the battery than to peel off the main part from the fence.
Of the minuses, the moment of pressing is not visible, when pressed, the LED indicator is not visible, which indicates that the signal is transmitted.
The seller of this product is not in stock. Who will take just looking for:
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And choose the seller with the highest rating. Not at the lowest price, too low a price may be due to the lack of a battery in the kit, it is very inconvenient then to look for a specific battery of 12 volts (it is in auto goods, rarely in ordinary stores).