Dual amp dual port charging

Congratulations to all who read / writeNew Year. I wish you health and well! Well, as for the charging power supply, then everything is simple: I mock him electrically and mechanically, I’ll take a picture of it + some text.
The packaging did its job and the blocks came to me unscathed. Each is a Soviet plug without grounding contact with the counterpart. On the side faces of which there are arched notches for the convenience of grip and switching.

And at the end - USB ports (2.1A and 1A from left to right, respectively) with a signal LED between them. Each port is signed with a counter-relief. This is not to say that the inscription is easy to read, after all, the text matches the background, however, with a certain knack, each port can be identified.

On one side at the base of the plug there is a nameplate indicating the model (S3) and technical specifications. I got a little twisted, but still a typo of DV 5V? 2.1A smiled.

The power supply (excluding plug contacts) has a relatively small size - 62x45x22 mm. So, most likely, it will not become an obstacle to the use of neighboring outlets.
Additional Information

When power is supplied, the hellish LED lights up in blue, which, by the way, does not react to the load, i.e. just indicates the presence of voltage at the input.

Well, photos of how things are going with voltage and I’ll hide it under the spoilers. The logic of measurements in each of them will remain unchanged - this is work without load, as well as in the mode of 1 and 2 amps.
White block. Port 1A

White block. Port 2.1A

Black block. Port 1A

Black block. Port 2.1A

A certain discrepancy in the output currents is, of course, evident. Although this is partly offset by a deliberately high voltage and the “loss” of power is not so large.
Field test


Uncompressed photo boards are available at reference
The results. Briefly:
+ compact size
+ two ports
+ in work does not overheat
+ reliable installation (both inside and outside)
± approximately corresponds to the declared characteristics
± very bright LED
± indication only for power
± the body is a glossy gloss. Fans of purity will be difficult
- typo on the nameplate