128GB Sunbow Flash Drive

Here is a flash drive that should be avoided.
Why? More details in this review.
This drive is an early representative of cheap high-capacity flash drives released in early 2018.
The seller declares the following specifications: Read 95 mb / s, write 51 mb / s.

Well then, let's check in practice:

The reading is consistent, the recording is just happy, above the promised! You know how not even in Chinese)
Next we test:

Sequential write speed decreases, but still above 51 mb / s
Now the big file:

There was no further drop in speeds, a very decent result.
We turn to HDTune and here we are waiting for a trick to test the flash on the record, you need to delete all sections.
I could not do this even after 15 attempts from under different programs, the disk lost the file system and went into the RAW state, but the partition was not deleted.
I tried to conduct a reading test, after passing 80% HDtune fell into error, due to the fact that the flash drive stupidly "fell out" of the system and immediately appeared as an unidentified device.

I flipped the flash drive, decided, but without the file system, again RAW, formatted successfully.
File test from under Windows 10, copy 16 large files of 108 GB to a USB flash drive

The first seconds, the write speed is high, then it decreases and is held at 46 mb / s. In general, not bad, BUT!
All these measurements fade against the background of how this drive behaves, but the thing is:
Not only does it not allow you to delete a partition withitself, so also the computer is terribly “buggy” only from the very fact that the flash drive is in the connector. This is expressed in the inhibited reaction of the Windows interface, context menus are displayed 15-20 seconds after the call, it is impossible to use the computer, and restarting the PC does not help either. Only turning off, removing the flash drive and turning on the PC again - saves you from glitches.
By the way, in the test you can see even the interface did not finish minutes after the start, and the test countdown time stops and is updated every 25 seconds!

What hardware is installed in this drive:
USB Device ID: VID = 090C PID = 1000
Device Vendor: Digit
Device Name: USB
Device Revision: 1100
Manufacturer: TCSUNBOW
Product Model: U1 128GB
Product Revision: 1100
Controller Vendor: SMI
Controller Part-Number: SM3269AB - ISP 170920-1AB
Flash ID code: EC1C982F84C9 - Samsung - 8CE / Single Channel [TLC]
By the way, I have a clone of such a flash drive, only in a blue case, it is not detected in principle in 80% of USB 3.0 ports, but in 2.0 - please.
Conclusions: This is a completely unusable device, due to the presence of errors in the firmware and, as a result, incorrect operation.