General Grievous Lego: is it worth buying the Chinese General Grievous Lego 75112 and a review of the quality of the cloned figure

Hello. And again, I will tell you about the Lego clone) Today, my test subject is a Lego 75112 clone, or rather General Grievous. I must say that I bought it at a very small price. Now there are no such prices and my seller has no goods at all in the store. I do not know why. But the screenshot of the order will be below. Well now welcome under / cut
So. I ordered it on January 9th. Received March 2. The reason for such a long trip to me is that while there was a New Year in China, my parcel was returned to the seller and only after the holidays he sent it to me. As I wrote, now in the store the seller is nothing. Here is a snapshot of my order:

The designer arrived in a standard yellow bag, inside the bag with parts wrapped in a bum additionally. No details were affected.
In the package we have instructions, two bags with parts, 2 blue and 2 green lightsabers.


The instructions are similar to those from my review of Darth Vader. Nice, but compressed and hard to make out. It’s good that there are few shades in this set.

Now about the quality. All parts fit very well, without difficulty. The quality of the pins is not very good. There are traces of molding on the pins and the plastic itself is not as smooth as in the original. At the joints, there is exactly the same problem as Vader, i.e. plastic whitens due to overvoltage. This does not affect the functioning of the joints.
Well, according to tradition, page assembly:

To understand the sizes:

This way you can fold your arms:

As a result, we have an excellent quality constructorquite large size. there are more details in it than in Darth Vader, but the assembly is much simpler due to the large size of the parts themselves and the "cloning" of steps in the assembly. Those. it is necessary to repeat the same process several times 2 times. This simplifies assembly.