Flexible Octopus Tripod

Hello, here is such a tripod, I bought for $ 1.7 and even without the cost of delivery in good times)
The parcel went for a long time, payment 2017-01-10 and receipt today.
The seller was in touch all the time, asked not to worry)
Here, not so long ago there was a review of such a “tripod”, this one at a price a little more interesting, even taking into account the current delivery. and included a mount for the phone.
It was somehow strange packed, unfortunately I did not take the unpacking photo, but it will be in the video.
Here is the tripod itself

with such a complete set
On the legs of the gum "anti-slip" sit tight.
like many rubberized, the touch is not very soft.

The legs are removed with effort and with a characteristic "chpok"))

Up to 90 degrees can be tilted in one direction. What many tripods of such a plan is not possible

As they said in the comments to the previous review, that the legs are made of ordinary wire. Well, let's see ...
ah sly Chinese)
I do not have a bar, but about 3mm in thickness. soft aluminum.
Yes, if you often bend-unbend, and even in the same place, I think it will not last long.
Yes, if it breaks ... we take the wire, we put it on hot melt glue and use it.
That's all)
Our assistant)
I stayed like this for about a minute)
If you have questions, I can supplement the review as far as possible.
And lovers of grammar, waiting with pleasure in PM.
Bye everyone!