Hygienic shower gun. And the bidet is not needed.

-Oh, Gods, this is brilliant! This is a great invention of mankind - a little scent in our restroom !!! - cried Maria Isabella, continuing to peel the potatoes. -I can wash the pots of our children there, the dirty rags after washing the floors, pour the remnants of the dinner dishes there and not worry about the cleanliness of our “white friend”!
She will wash the pots there, yeah ... Yes, dear! You are absolutely right. You must certainly order this device ... It will also make me wash them ...
-Oh, my dear Jose, I'm so glad that you understand me: *)))
The order was made about a year ago. I reached Belarus in a month and a half. One watering can was ordered (for $ 9 with a penny), at that time it was sold separately. At the moment, the seller has changed the lot and is selling it together with a hose and holder (or is it no longer selling at all?! ...). Accordingly, the price has risen.
She came in such a box. Inside was wrapped with special paper (not a bubble)
I read reviews that usually for a small price these watering cans come plastic, but here it is made of chrome-plated brass (according to the seller) This means that it weighs accordingly.
-Oh, honey, look how funny she is! Oho-ho, some extraterrestrial being reminds me of me. An alien will watch us! Hee hee))) ...
-Maria, your jokes are not funny. Ahaha, you are simply brilliant in your statements. I will go…?
-No!!! Install me this thing first)
It is installed easily. The main thing is that we have at hand a hose, holder, pipes made of polypropylene and "American"
Water can be removed in different ways. For example…
During constant use, the “head” of the watering can was covered with limescale.

- Honey, will I wash her?
-Okay, my hostess, just don’t scratch.

The design is simple. The set included 2 rubber bands-pads ... One in the cover of the "head" The other is inside her. The second helps to block the flow of water when the water is turned on (the handle of the mixer is raised, but the water from the watering can does not pour) In the photo without it
-Oh, Jose, look how she does)))
-Don't break it.

From such a pressure of water and brain activity, the second gasket was forced to break. And now the scent is triggered immediately when the water is turned on, without any lever presses.
The bottom of the watering can went under the average hose of short length.

Although there are a few gaps. But the water does not leak.

- Darling, it's been a year already. When will you bring everything to mind in our toilet?
-Wait. After all, everything was not built right away ....
Additional Information

In the raw version, it looks like this.

Despite some nuances, the watering can is excellent. Rescues in everything.
Conclusion: I am satisfied. Not even the watering can itself, but its purpose and use.
+ Functionality
+ Case quality
+ Design
+ Price
-It is not designed for high water pressure, why the “gaskets” are torn and the lever ceases to function. Can this be adjusted? ..
-Delivery is not very fast (in my case)
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What else is on sale

- Oh, Jose, how I lived without her before !!! ??? She made my life so much easier ...
- And without me? ..
- ... And buy me more ...
- !!! ???
- ... a house ... in a suburb of Los Angeles ... on the Pacific coast ...
- ... And I won’t ask you anything else;)
All events and characters are fictional, but more and more often encountered in real life. That’s why it’s not so funny in places ...
All a happy family life and comfort in homes!)