Hygienic shower + hose + holder + bonus. Bagnolux

Hygienic shower made of stainless steel with an unusual holder.
+ A bonus that I took separately and added to the review.
delivery and packaging

I'll start with the bonus.


Watering can itself

If you wish, you can buy separately a watering can for $ 14
Dismantling / Review

Then, on the side of the aerator, pry off with a knife or fingernail and pull out the plastic part. It also has a rubber ring for tightness.

It also has a bevel, so that the closing valve is “centered” during closing.

Well, then such a thing is pulled out

A spring and a copper insert that is wound onto the handle rod. The insert has a rubber seal that fits into the plastic insert that we just pulled out.

And on the stock it looks like this, and the thread is really not all.

And inside the watering can something like an elastic band.

More precisely, this is a whole "gland".
On the left side you can see the landing under the spring, which abuts against it.
Central part - in profile
Right - in contact with the back of the watering can.

For greater stem sealing, there are rings in the inner side

And the whole node looks like this

Well, an example of work


overview / disassembly

As I wrote a little higher - a normal good hose that is completely covered with something like varnish.
The nuts are mirrored and made to stainless steel. With a knife, I “scratched” the varnish first, and then the coating. The coating is applied on a copper base, and brass underneath.
I tried to scratch the braid of the hose - I just removed the varnish, it didn’t work out further.

Holder, but magical.


As for quality, there are no complaints. You saw it all yourself. The only caveat is again the usual hose, which is dubbed from pressure and does not like to stand under pressure. But for this money, I saw only plastic watering cans. And after 2 metal ones were in the hands - the plastic is disgusting and I want to put it back on the store’s stand.
To the distinctive features of this set, I would include a metal holder and a watering can in which you can adjust the pressure.

Same kit with another holder aliexpress.com/store/product/Hot-Sale-304-Stainless-Steel-Hand-Toilet-Bidet-Mini-Shower-Bidet-Spray-High-Pressure-Small-Shattaf/2208173_32692023297.html
Or with a tap aliexpress.com/store/product/Adapter-Brushed-stainless-steel-Handheld-Toilet-Bidet-Shattaf-Sprayer-Shower-Faucet-Kit-Set/1947246_32504083760.html
Since the seller produces his goods(more details at the end of this review redlightgreen.org/blog/aliexpress/45284.html). The same things in sets and individually, you can buy on Amazon under a different brand with the same price + delivery. They even have the same pictures)))
The seller has 3 stores, the price is different, I personally saw a difference of 700r for the same product.
If you missed something - write, add. It’s just that for me, many things are based on the principle “this is how it is pressed, it works, everything is simple”.

UPD: If this seller (in any of the 3 stores) is interested in something and you want to see a “review” on it.
Then you can throw a link in komenty. The main thing is that the price of the goods does not exceed $ 130 (the net price of the seller without any coupons and other things).