New Year's garland or just for beauty. 1.9m

New Year's garland or just for beauty.
The length is real 1.9 meters.
The seller writes 3m. (Hint, you can get a return of $ 2–3 on this, the Chinese agreed with me, I also wrote to him that I would leave the review rules. Of course, in the review I wrote that everything was ok, but also wrote that 1.9 meters.)
The garland consists of 20 balls of different colors.

Material, threads wound in a circle, and different colors.

Power comes from 3 finger batteries. There are 3 modes of operation.
1- off
2- on, just burning
3- on, blink 2 times per second somewhere. Maybe 1.5

The diodes are quite dim, they are almost not visible in the light of a lamp.

If you turn off the light, it will look something like this.

I tried to make the photo, as it is really visible with my eyes. Fotik certainly does not transmit 100%, but not everyone burns evenly, and in complete darkness it looks very interesting.
There is also a version from 220v, with a plug. I don’t have one, I just ordered it, she’ll come and see what's there)
For me it's normal))