Suitable shaving brush for 130 rubles.

All my life I used shaving gel and evenhad no idea what a shaving brush was called. It turned out to be a “shaving brush”)) I periodically have to go on business trips, where I take with me a small backpack and a briefcase with a laptop. And since business trips take several days, I also take a razor with me. I do not drag a cylinder with shaving gel with me, forsaving space and that at the airport do not push for hand luggage. When it’s time to shave away from home, I pick up the soap that I have urine in my hands, I smear the resulting foam somehow on my face and shave. Not that it’s impossible to shave, but it’s very uncomfortable and unpleasant. And then I remembered the shaving brush))
For starters, a little interesting, but traditional part about

And here are the pictures from the product page, just in case

When I climbed up to search the Internet about a similar brush, I immediately stumbled upon the ridiculous word "brush." But I didn’t know. Now armed with the term search has gone much more efficiently. And then Yandex issued:

Damn it! I realized that I was clearly not in a fairy tale. I did not expect such prices for such a simple thing. But it turned out that shaving brushes are mostly expensive with a natural pile of mammals, which I generally do not need. Well, in fact, once every six months I can not do without the stubble of the Argentine porcupine ?! Yes, shaving brushes with artificial nap were also found at quite popular prices of 100-300 rubles, including in Auchan for about 85 rubles. But with this, it’s certainly not possible for a person to smear without harming the latter. The bristles were form-shaped, stiff and prickly. Then he climbed onto Ali, looking for something in between the badger and Auchan according to reviews. It was decided to take a subject for a test, about which there were more or less good reviews.
Oh yes, when I took it in my hands, I immediately realized that this is a completely different level and the bristles are soft and pleasant to the touch, although “This shaving brush is made of nylon” painted under a badger or whatever ...))

Well, it's time to soap his face. Here the problem manifested itself, voiced in many reviews on Ali: stubble is climbing. But only one unfortunate hair came out:

Obviously, soaping is much faster than with hands and more efficient:

Unfortunately, all that thick foam thatsmears on soap, on the face quickly "melts". I don’t know, maybe I just haven’t mastered the technology or the soap is not right or this is normal. But in any case, this can be quickly fixed by smearing yourself with the brush again
And here is the actual comparison with the Gillette balloon. In fact, I thought the shaving brush would be more modest in size.

Of course there are also smaller spray cans, but somehow they always turn out to be out of stock at home and in the nearest shops before the trip. Yes, and to keep at home a "travel" spray can with gel is somehow awkward)
In conclusion, I can say that forunassuming user is quite a good thing for only 130 rubles. I am satisfied and immediately threw it in a business backpack for future trips. Thank you all for your attention and understanding)