Racing car on a remote control.

Today in the review is a remote-controlled racing car.
I generally like all sorts of cars on the control,large and small depending on the scale of the game event. I love, you know, to drive. Of course without fanaticism, but from time to time with the kids we organize races.
Races are organized in different conditions, depending on the size of the cars participating in these races.

Today we will talk about mini-races, on a smooth surface and a short distance.
Since we have a small car today,compact and pretty nimble. A car is made of plastic, wheels with rubber tires. It looks like a typical racing car, at number sixty nine, with all the attributes laid down for this.
About the seller. The rating is excellent, there are many orders, the reviews are positive. I didn’t have to communicate, so that’s all. Order sent quickly, the track was not tracked. The goods went a month to Yekaterinburg. Packed well, reliable.

The machine came in integrity. It goes very fast! Easy to manage. You won’t buy such a machine for such money.
Dimensions of the car, three centimeters wide and seven centimeters in length.
The machine is well and beautifully packaged. It looks super too. Charging comes from the remote itself.

The kit includes:
• the machine itself (in a jar of soda)
• control panel (powered by two finger batteries)
• four small cone pieces
• instructions with illustrations in Chinese and English.
Batteries are not included. But the machine has a built-in battery, and it is charged by the remote control, in general, the idea is unusual and very interesting.
All this stuff is packed in a soda can, the children were delighted.
Lights are on when driving forward. When moving backwards, the brake light comes on.

Now let's talk about the cons, I’ll say right away they are rather subjective, and you don’t need to pay attention to them, unless the situation is similar to mine.
The child, two and a half years old, was delighted, but he broke the antenna on the remote control immediately and takes off the tires and chews. It works without an antenna; we issue tires under supervision.
One rear brake light is not yet lit, but it seems to be with everyone, so this can be attributed rather to the features and the machine is controlled from a distance of no more than a meter.
And the rest of the machine is cool. Played, charged and play again. The batteries last for a long time.

I played enough, carefully put everything in a jar and put it away until the next time. Well, the price pleased.
You can see the machine in the video