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Good afternoon friends. It's me again)
In order to sell new models of devicesmanufacturers have to constantly improve them, increasing inches, gigahertz and megapixels. Most companies do this, but not all. It turns out there is an option much easier.
The success formula from iNew is as follows: we take the hit model V3, remove the event indicator, put another screen, change the round button to a rectangular one, change the location of the connector, speaker, change the side pads, remove the noise reduction microphone, remove NFC, add 1 GB of RAM, lie, that increased the battery capacity, we’re lying, that you put another camera, lie about HI-FI Stereo, lie that the phone has become thinner, remove $ 5 from the price - drum roll, fanfare, applause, orgasmic experiences of the development team, TADAM - the novelty of the end of 2014 is ready. !!!
New Choice For You)))

The kit includes:
- box
- Charger
- Headphones
- Smartphone
- Case
- Screen protector

Characteristics from the official page.
Official product page

The smartphone is undeniably beautiful, but for me the most2014's beautiful smartphone is the HTC One M8. In general, the subject is not much different from the iNew V3-round power button has been replaced by a rectangular one, the Micro Usb connector has moved from the upper end to the lower, the speaker from the lower end has moved to the place of the flash to the camera, the aluminum side covers have been replaced by others painted in a fashionable one champagne color, in general the same Faberge only on the side, e ©

Smartphone weight 140 grams

Runs on Android 4.4.2

The manufacturer installed Launcher 3, unknown to me,which periodically issued errors and was, without regret, replaced by the beloved and familiar Mi Home. Otherwise, iNew decided not to bother and left us bare functionality from Google.

Unfortunately, it is worth noting that even the pro version of Android, the manufacturer managed to lie))) Instead of the stated 4.4.4, we have 4.4.2.

Well, about the promised absence of pre-installed applications, read the trash, I did not lie, they really are not, for which many thanks to them.

Available RAM is enough for the eyes.

The translation into Russian was also performed very qualitatively, which saved me from the need to search for and replace the firmware.

Screen 5 inches, IPS, OGS, HD 1280 x 720 pixels,pixel density 358 dpi from SHARP. An extraordinary display, as the manufacturer claims. It is made according to the new STN-LCD technology and promises us an increase in brightness and contrast by 15 percent, while lower power consumption by the same 15 percent.

The screen is certainly good, but there is one thing, buthis color reproduction is cold and there is no way to correct the situation. Also, the auto brightness values ​​turned out to be unusual for me and I had to add brightness. Personally, I like the screen from AUO on iNew V3 more. Although this screen is not bad and will no doubt find its fans.

Multitouch 5 touches

Everything seems to be stable and stable here.

On Tele 2 Kazakhstan 3G will not work!

The phone is clearly not suitable for fans "scribblers, "with him you run the risk of being the shortest. For the everyday needs of the vast majority of users (including me), productivity will be enough.

Average result in NenaMark

Wi-Fi signal reception is also very mediocre. How many I did not stand a meter from the router, the shooter did not want to lie down. On the question of the quality of components — for a 100 dollar InFocus, the arrow lays down already 2 meters from the router.

GPS quality is standard for 6582, a cold start took about 1 minute.

All installed sensors work properly, except for the gyroscope, as I did not twist the phone, nothing changed. Perhaps some kind of software malfunction.

Back to the official product page again

We are promised a sound level HiFi Stereo.Guys, what stereo with one speaker, what are you talking about? What are these audio chips? The sound remained as normal as on the iNew V3, but now the speaker is also located at the rear. What exactly manufacturers are guided by, placing the speaker at the back is not clear to me, well, certainly not with common sense. In general, about the sound quality is another lie.

Claimed battery capacity of 2100 mAh. And even the sticker tells us about it).

But the thickness and weight of the battery is exactly the same as onThe iNew V3 is 39 grams, and there, as we all know, a 1700 mAh battery in fact (although 1830 is claimed), that is, we have the same battery, but this time we lied a little more.

Advertising promises us, among other things, 6.5 hours of video viewing.

I don’t know what quality they watched the video,but a half-hour Full HD movie at automatic screen brightness eats up 12 percent of the charge. Thus, hypothetically, we have 4 hours 16 minutes of watching a video, instead of the declared 6 and a half.

Proudly stated on the official page super -duper - a mega 16 megapixel camera from Sony magically turns into 13 megapixel on the box) Probably the time has come and the carriage has naturally turned into a pumpkin or one Chinese hand does not know what the second Chinese hand does) As if it weren’t, but it’s already installed in the smartphone Sony’s well-known 13-megapixel IMX135 sensor, software interpolated to 16 MP. 2 MP front camera from OmniVision.

The camera interface is also banal and ascetic.

Photo examples

Full-size examples of photos and videos can be downloaded here
The video is written in Full HD, saving in 3gp format.

+ Beautiful
+ Very beautiful
+ Well, really beautiful

- Lack of event indicator
- Sticking out camera
- weak battery
- Well, he's too handsome)

There is a concept in music - the performer of one song. So the fate of these people was that no matter how hard they tried, either before or after, they were unable to perform anything more significant than this song alone. For example, Yuri Loza - Raft, Eagles Hotel California, etc. We say Lenin - we mean the Party, we say Party - we mean Lenin) So for me, iNew remains the manufacturer of only one phone model - V3, everything that was before and after can be ignored. If you are the owner of iNew V3, firstly, I want to congratulate you - you have good taste, secondly, you should not change your phone, or at least you should not change it to a V7 model) iNew’s permanent desire to deceive its customers personally I am not enthusiastic. Producing, in principle, good devices, they noticeably lose their image when they openly and brazenly lie about the characteristics. I think there are few who pay money, rejoices that they received not at all what they expected. Personally, I will ask Santa Claus next year for INew to recruit Pinocchio as a marketer, in a couple of years of work there, he will be able to grow a nose worthy of mention in the Guinness Book of Records.
That's basically all that I wanted to convey to you.
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