iPhone 5c, (ref)

Hello dear readers, I am glad to see you on my first review, do not judge strictly.
In this review, I will tell you about buying a refurbished / refurbished iPhone 5c smartphone, in a white case and with 16GB of memory on board.

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1. Refurbished - what kind of animal and what it is eaten with
2 Purchase History - Why iPhone, Why 5c?
3. Characteristics
4. Options, appearance, assembly
5. Size and weight
6. Display
7. Operating system, tests, games and applications
8. Battery
9. Camera
10. Conclusion
About the quality of photos

Purchase History - Why iPhone, Why 5c?

I'm not sure that this item is interesting, yet the characteristics of iPhones are everywhere, including the seller’s page, but still I’ll add here

Options, appearance, assembly
In addition to the smartphone itself, there are sosame usb charger, usb cable, earphones and instructions. It looks like original accessories, but the usb cable braid is harder (maybe not the original) than I had before, I can’t say anything about headphones, I don’t use it.

I’ve been using a smartphone for a month now, and since ISince the person is not very neat, the smart decided to run away from me, but was stopped by a tile, as a result of which, at the bottom of the display module, you can see a chip.

Smartphone case made of plastic, glossy -fu fu fu you tell me, after all, fingerprints remain on glossy plastic and you will be right, fingerprints really remain on the case, just instantly, the cover / bumper can really solve this problem, but still apple could use some kind of cover on the case, like soft wheelbarrow, yet the price of the device allows.

Although the case is plastic, the phonerestored, but the case does not creak, and there are no cracks. Well, compared to iphone 5, where the case was made of metal, the 5c plastic case heats up less (with respect, your cap) when the smartphone is working.
Location of controls on iPhone 5cstandard for the entire line, the volume buttons and the silent mode switch are on the left side, the on / off / lock button on the top, and the nano sim tray on the right. The buttons go a little taut, but they click “correctly” (you don’t think, everything is fine with me, just by clicking it you can approximately determine the deterioration of the button membrane).

Well, the famous Home button.

Headset Connector 3.5mm, a lightning connector for charging / synchronizing with a PC, as well as the speaker’s audio channel holes, just like the speaker itself + the microphone’s audio channel hole are at the bottom.

Size and weight
124.4? 59.2? 9mm and 130g is just a great option for lovers of small phones, and now smartphones with displays with a diagonal of 5 inches or more are in fashion, and their sizes are corresponding.

The display is the same as on the iphone 5, 5s. The display is created using IPS technology with viewing angles of up to 178 degrees, a diagonal of 4 inches, a resolution of 1136? 640, and a pixel density (ppi) of 324. Personally, in my opinion, the display is good, with a good anti-glare filter, oleophobic coating (nanometer-thick film, repellent fats from the touch screen) and excellent brightness.
However, these are all numbers, color reproduction and other parameters cannot be transmitted through the photo, especially taken on slippers, but still the photo is under the spoiler.
Display Photos

Operating system, tests, games and applications
Alas, there’s almost no information in this section,since there is a lot of information about ios and you need to write separate reviews on it. The smartphone came with iOS version 8.0.4 on board, without jailbreak (hacking to get full access to the smartphone’s file system and software modifications), but I don’t need a jailbreak, at the moment the smartphone is updated to ios 8.3

The smartphone was unlocked, so adding your Apple ID and recovering data from the cloud was easy.

I didn’t do tests of games and applications either,because 5c is not such an old model, and almost all games, and even more so applications support this model (unlike iphone 4s and below), for all the time I came across only one game that required iphone 5s or higher (the thing is that models prior to iphone 5s have an arm v7 processor architecture, and 5s and above have a 64-bit architecture).
Performance tests - everything is simple here, each next model in the model range is equal to or more productive than the previous one.
1510mA / h, from the point of view of smartphone owners onandroid, very, very modest battery capacity, but not everything is so bad, because apple devices have a very optimized operating system in terms of energy consumption, and everything is fine with hardware in this regard, which is natural, because the model range of apple devices is not great, unlike thousands of manufacturers of devices on the android, which have different hardware, and the firmware for a specific model, these manufacturers optimize themselves.
According to my observations, the battery with a capacity of 1510 mA / h in the iphone 5c is approximately equal to the battery with a capacity of 2500 mA / h in a smartphone with an android.
The battery lasts for 1-2 days of work, or for ~ 4 hours when playing a “heavy” wifi toy with 70-80% brightness.
I can’t say anything bad about the camera,In my opinion, the photos turned out to be good, maybe you need to somehow set everything up, but I took pictures using the standard settings, although you need to take into account that my photography skills are in their infancy, however you yourself managed to evaluate it.

In general, this is the same iphone 5, but in plasticthe case, the smartphone is good for me personally, especially when it costs a little more than $ 200, I think it is also suitable for those who want to get to know apple products better or upgrade their iphone 3.4, without the need for expensive iphone 5s or 6.
Of the minuses:
- plastic, easily soiled body
- a processor, but by the way I'm not sure that this is such a serious minus, for a year or two it will still be enough
- the battery, I would like more, but then the smartphone itself would have to be increased, so this is probably not a minus, but simply a Wishlist.
Thank you all for reading (well, or scrolling, it also takes time) of the review. Good to all!