Electromechanical Designer Space Robot

At the end of the trilogy about robots, I present to you a review of a space robot. But before you get to know the robot, you have to work hard to assemble it
The world of robots has become almost routine for us, and even more recently, science fiction writers wrote exciting stories about them.

Using the LOZ "Turbo Robot" constructor, you can assemble a large space robot with huge eyes and a unique ergonomic design!
And besides, he who knows how to move independently - what could be more surprising?
I'll start from afar. My son, Wall-e, was looking for me, he loves this cartoon very much and wanted to get his hero for last New Year. Suddenly, by chance they saw this robot, the son immediately jumped Wall-e, and wanted this cosmic monster with huge eyes.
The monster arrived, to his credit, on the eve of the holiday. Secretly, she opened the box from her son ... and was horrified - a mountain of details of unusual shapes and sizes.
I realized that my son is unlikely to be delighted with a disassembled gift. I have to devote the entire first day of January to assembling the monster.
Therefore, having decided that on the New Year’s holiday I’d better lie in front of the TV, a few days before the New Year, under cover of night, I set to work.
Frankly, I spat, swore, and remembered the Chinese with a kindly quiet word. For it was not an easy job.
As a result, about 3 am a space monster
came to life and looked at me with his big eyes. I liked the result and I hid it until the treasured day, deciding for myself never to, under any pretext, disassemble it back.
Package and package
Details of complex shapes and vibrant colors - 360 pcs.
Motor - 1 pc.

And of course the instruction, without it in any way.
detailed instructions

Material: Plastic
Box size: 38 x 28 x 5 cm
Age: 3+ (this is not true)
And these are the alien brothers.

Now, after 10 months of owning this monster, I’ll tell you about the discovered minuses.
During the ride, one of the tracks sometimes slides for some reason, rarely, but it happens.
The toggle button is located in an uncomfortable place, it’s also not very easy for a child to get a finger there, and an adult is even more inconvenient.
The robot only rides back and forth. The movement is controlled by a switch, to the right - goes forward, to the left - goes back, and in the middle - turns off.
I warn you that even a 5-year-old child will not master the assembly of the designer. Firstly, it is difficult, secondly - the details are connected very tightly, tangible efforts must be made.
Space photo session

The designer’s originality is that with a little ingenuity, you can create your own unique model, and by combining the details of any two sets, you can create a real Superbot.
Undoubtedly, this constructor develops attention and fine motor skills of hands, imagination and spatial thinking, at least after the assembly all this definitely developed :)
Due to the unusual shape of the designer parts and the original way of connecting them, the assembly process will certainly appeal to both the child and the adult.
Happy owner

Thanks for attention!