WanFan Cascade Washbasin Mixer

Hello everybody. Today in the review there will be a washbasin faucet from the manufacturer who provided the "antique bronze". This time, too, could not do without miracles.
The seller chose it, I even thought that it would send whatever the “super cool”. Yes, to show that there are much better products in his assortment. And this time in my hands was a chrome version.
Paid on 08/08/2016. sent SPSR and 11/28/2016 the package was in the city. Offered courier delivery on the 30th. But I took 29 after work.
This time I didn’t ask for data on ALI (you can see it in your delivery addresses), a message like

But no one called me and didn’t write anywhere, and the premise began to move. After my request to the SPSR, I was informed that "the data has been entered."
I think they had enough that I ordered through them earlier or Ali now provides them with them.

The parcel was fully monitored, and I will soon begin to get used to parcels “up to 20 days”)) Although it does not become easier to wait from this.

The parcel was wrapped in 4 layers of bumps.
There is only such a photo.

Inside the box is cardboard, measuring 25 * 19cm and 7 cm thick.

Everything is simple inside.

2 hoses are sealed in a bag, a cardboard for volume and a mixer, which is in a rag bag, and the bag is in foamed polyethylene.
In order to at least see something, a little “blurred” the photo.

This time, the seller screwed the mount onto the mixer in advance.

Also, the mount was slightly changed. If in the kitchen it had a protrusion on the “thread”, now the thread has 1 diameter in all and only a small area is not “cut” so that it would not be possible to twist it into the body “according to the tonsils”. But you can do it if you wish.

The thread is sharp, sticks into the hands (does not cut the hands, but can), be careful.
The nut also does not stand out from the background of the previous one. Everything is exactly the same with the same dimensions.
Locking nut on the sides for the key, has a 33.5mm diameter

Here you can see the position of the handle in the extreme and central position

The upper part is flat. Everywhere streamlined smooth lines and no sharp edges.

There is a decorative round under the handlean element that gives more style. What would water get into - I have not seen. I tried to fill it myself there. After a while, she disappeared, but did not flow anywhere. Probably evaporates over time.

The handle mount has no plugs and is hidden on the back

Instead of an aerator, a grill acts.

And in these two photos, you can see the jamb of the manufacturer.
Glue, milling marks and not completely polished.

These frames are close up.
And if you eat the glue, you can remove it yourself, and the grate can even be “flush cut”. That polishing is a completely different story.
The channel through which water flows is also poorly polished at the very beginning.

Close up here
I tried to show the jambs on the video.

I tried to pry this lattice for a very long time. He poked it with a knife, stuck 6 facets and tried to pull it out of the case - he could not do anything. Just disfigured her. As a result, he trimmed the top that he ruined and I’m not sorry, if I could cut her whole ... The video shows how I cut it.
But during operation it does not strike the eye (and no one complained about it in the reviews)
Unscrewing the handle in the hand turns out to be a single piece of metal, completely coated with chrome. Pleasant and weighty.

And the “pin” on the cartridge opens to the eye.

Although the cartridge is standard, it sticks out a little. You can also see that the decorative plug / ring also has a seal (it does not rotate, but simply pokes off no matter what)

And if the ring has weight and thickness, then the decorative cover is thin and light. But traces of rust did not appear during operation.

The cartridge itself is recessed into the housing. You can also see a small area of ​​emptiness (more on that later)

And the worst thing ... The horror is not even in the mount, but in the fact that the Chinese dragged it “to the very tomatoes” (I try not to twist it like that, so that I could easily unwind it later)

As a result, I tried to insert the hexagon andknock on it on the other hand, put in scissors ... The scissors and the adjustable wrench saved (the scissors were unbent, he held them as close to the cartridge as possible and I twisted them)
I see that I tried

Cartridge Nut

Everything inside is better than in the previous mixer. All that is needed is chromed or machined. BUT on the sides are visible traces of the matrix with which the body was poured. I don’t see anything wrong with what I saw, why spend money and resources on surface treatment, which do not participate in the functionality of the mixer?

Under ordinary light, everything is more and more “yellow / brass” inside, but under the flash it takes on a more copper color.
There is also a square from the shape.

Landing under the aerator. There is a slight displacement of the holes, but this is not scary (you can see the marks from the cartridge and the holes themselves almost in the center of the seals)

You can also see the green plastic"Water volume limiter." at the beginning, I was worried that if the volume supplied to the mixer is too large, there will be a cool fountain, not a mixer. And you have to put adjusting taps. But everything turns out to be provided.
I specifically did not write “pressure”, but limited to “volume of water”. After all, there is a difference with a pipe inner diameter of 3 mm and a pressure of 5 atm or 1 cm and 3 atm.
By the way, I found a picture

And when he worked in the housing department, it was strange to observe such a picture:
Complaint about "bad water pressure" to a certain authority. There is a commission for the apartment, we install the manometer "as close as possible to the spout of the mixer." And lo and behold, sometimes the pressure on the mixer was 4 atm.
On the one hand, the pressure is normal, and the fact that you take a 5 liter bucket for 5 minutes is not their problem, because the pressure is normal and the complaint is not substantiated.
The flow limiter itself. Diameter 9mm, thickness 5mm. Inside the rubber ring. On top, a small extension up to 10mm "that would not hang out"

Landing under the limiter

The cartridge is better this time (and I like the progress). More recent to manufacture and I can’t say badly about it. Quite the usual 35 cartridge

It turns out that this is a separate company for the production of cartridges and has its own website in 3 languages. www.wanhai-cn.com/main.html and assures that more than 500 people work who can produce more than 2.5 million cartridges per month.
Here is the cartridge specification

The product does not pretend to be a “super duper” at a price of 100 rubles according to the version of Yandex, but it works like those for 400.
And to be honest, I don't understand pricing. At this seller cartridges from the review are sold at 650 rubles. But satisfied with the comments.

The elastic bands are also “through”, on both sides there is one elastic band as before.

The design of the protrusions is also changed and this has a positive effect on the noise level. Everything is richly oiled

Top plastic holds in 3 grooves

Fastening the rod to the plastic holder of the upper ceramic plate.

Putting it all back, I did not screw the fixingnut (to make it easier to disassemble without mats). Then he disassembled the cartridge for inspection and was glad that he had spun it "not like a Chinese." But due to the fact that the nut goes into the housing less, the upper decorative plug / ring protrudes slightly from the housing. This is visible in the video.

Then I started the installation. And the intimacy began.
The old washbasin has a diamond-shaped hole for the faucet, and the old faucet on 2 hairpins is normally inserted, but the new one with a “pipe-thread” is not included.
Had a little boring and spend a couple of minutes.

Installation was carried out on an installed washbasin, but then a problem arose.
The mounting thread is long and may not be enough keyin order to reach the nut through it (it was necessary to shorten the fastening thread), and in order not to remove the mixer again, I removed the washbasin and “screwed on the mixer”. It turned out great.
Well, now a little bonus. I took apart the cartridge from IDIS for 400 rubles. At the time of the analysis, he worked for a little more than 5 years, the water is noisier than the Chinese (although I bought it in the hope that there will be silence like in a vacuum)

And I also had another wanhai cartridge from my work that was already installed in some kind of mixer, but it was removed for some reason and sent to the warehouse, and I took it from the warehouse.
Installed it in the mixer. Everything is working fine, the noise has become even less, but the water has become "as if softer / more even / tender / transparent". Somehow, "more delicately flows from the body.

Before buying, consider the size of the mixer andhis laver. It turned out to be big for me (but it’s very convenient to wash my hands and brush my teeth) and, if you turn on the water completely, it splashes outside the wash basin.

And still a little water remains.

I think it will be great in a large washbasin, since the maximum distance of the jet is -24 cm from the center of the mixer.
Or in the wash basin where the hole is far from the edge. For example, in this shopping center, the hole is far from the edge and the mixer is not very large. As a result, hands are washed almost over the counter top at the mixer, and it is all in water.

Or like that.

You can watch the video of work

For myself, I concluded:
+ Cool and unusual.
+ Noise less than idis cartridge (if putmore good, it will be even quieter, I put the one that I disassembled second, China with a grid, it became even quieter). The microphone is too close in the video, so the noise seems loud.
± I haven’t found such a plan in my city (exclusive)
± Tall, comfortable to wash hands (for me, what I need, tired of small ones)
± It is more convenient to wash toothbrushes under the mixer with an aerator
± Preferably washbasin for more.
± Chrome plated (wipe more often)
± It's cool to watch the bubbles that settle during operation.
± Required filters. Otherwise, the limiter will clog.
± If you put adjusting taps in front of the mixer - it will be even more convenient (once you set the maximum pressure and you can even use it in a small sink)
± Poor ride comfort
—- There are shoals with polishing (although in reviews 100people are satisfied and, if you don’t look closely, you can’t see it on the washbasin) and I still wanted them not to be. But this can explain why the same goods from other sellers are sold more expensive.
But everything is exactly cheaper than buying in Moscow

Close-up photos can be taken here yadi.sk/d/zEPNCj2O33PS3b
added photos there ”in the store on the washbasin”
I propose not to discuss the tiles, the review is still on the mixer.
Buying or not is everyone’s business, maybe they will send you something else. But I showed that they sent me.