Case for the action camera. + small finished

Due to the large number of accessories the SJ4000 (and I carried it in a bag) had a desire to buy a case for her!
I did not choose for a long time, I bought the first one I got. Perhaps expensive, but at that time they returned the money to me for damaged goods and the sleeping amphibian inside me allowed me to buy this little thing.
I will say right away that the product is suitable, convenient, and does its job!
Order time: 21:40 Apr. 11 2015
Received by mail on May 11th.

Packing in a regular package, apparently “Shockproof” in the name indicates that protection is not required))
Packing photos

The case is lightweight, sturdy, comfortable.
Case photo and content

But since the “foam” is still for GoPro, I had to deploy it

and pack all accessories from the SJ4000

In closed form, nothing rested, but there was no space left, and plans to put a cable and a charger for a car there.

Therefore, using a few hands from foam for GoPro

We get foam for SJcam and its large set (leaving a bit more space)


Everything basically came up, no difficulties with styling (if you exclude all unnecessary accessories, everything fits perfectly and there is room for PowerBank’s
Most likely the price
The product was purchased at its own expense.
Additional Information

Please indicate errors, if any!
Height 7.5
Width 17
Depth 12.5
Measurements were made on a ruler worth 20 rubles. How to find a caliper, be sure to write more precisely
Living creature