Ring flash for Canon DSLR cameras

I needed a flash for macro photography, but since for such purposes the usual Speedlite flash did not fit, I decided to study the sellers offer and choose an interesting option.
Having reviewed a bunch of options in the form of diffusers for a conventional flash, ring flashes with LEDs, flashes without TTL and parameter control options, I chose this one.
Its main plus is xenon lamps like on Speedlite flashes.
Bottom line: I advise you to take
Product Features: Compatible cameras: Canon
Guide Number: 14m (ISO100)
Effective distance: 20cm - 5m
Color Temperature: 5500K
Flash Coverage: 80 degrees in all directions
Ratio adjustment: 1: 8 ~ 1: 1 ~ 8: 1 in 1/2 stop increments
Flash exposure compensation: in 1/3 steps
Exposure confirmation: confirmation of flash exposure by the indicator
Focusing with the backlight: approx. 40 top and bottom, 45 left and right / Time: Approx. 20sec
Recharge Time: Approx. 0.1 ~ 5 sec
Batteries: 4x AA / LR6 alkaline batteries (not included)
Net Weight: 405g
What's in the box: Flash, adapter rings with a diameter of 52mm-77mm, leather storage bag, plastic shoe
Having made an order on the site and paid, I began to waitthe parcel. And after 21 days, as usual looking in the box, I found a mail notification. Well, what remained was how to take a passport and rush to the hell branch by mail. Having honestly stood an hour or two, I don’t want to remember these painful hours in the company of grandmothers and those who want to pay for an apartment, I finally took this yellow parcel that came to me from China and quickly escaped to freedom.
Well, the most interesting thing is what I got? Arriving home and unpacking the yellow bundle, I saw a cardboard box (unfortunately I did not manage to take a picture of the box, as it disappeared right away)

Such a pretty one, you can give without a twinge of conscience.
We open the box and get out all the contents in such a convenient leatherette bag

We get everything out of the bag and consider

The body flash itself and the diffuser ring are connected by a flexible cable.

Adapter rings on the lens, for attaching the flash. Screwed into the thread for filters.
We consider in detail
Detailed kit description

All this at work

That's how the flash looks on the camera

Green backlight pleases the eye in low light

Additional object illumination and focus assistance
Test shots

Solidly made and high-quality ringflash, which is useful to everyone who is engaged in macro photography or who needs a flash with the ability to direct the light in the right direction. All this is placed in a bag and conveniently stored in it, therefore it will not be lost throughout your photo bag. The plastic is pleasant to the touch and does not stink, the case does not creak and does not play.
+ Xenon lamps
+ AA batteries
+ Multiple settings
+ A set of adapter rings for different lenses
+ Extra highlight to help focus
+ Iron shoe and comfortable latch
- Price, but Canon’s flash plan is even more expensive