Lightcube 60 * 60 * 60 for subject photography

Hello! I have long wanted to buy such a thing as a lightbox for subject photography.
Actually, I chose one of many, added to my wishes and waited for discounts. For the money came out $ 16.5, which is not bad in my opinion.
It came in 3 weeks, which is pretty fast.
Packing photo:

Unpack. All accessories are hidden in a case, which is very convenient.

We reveal the lightbox itself.

What immediately caught my eye and did not like it. The Chinese did not really try to maintain the aesthetics of the product, so everywhere there are enough threads and not exactly sewn velcro.

Started with a white background, as this is the most common color for shooting various subjects.
I had to smooth out on 1 ke, with steam. Very poorly ironed, on 2-ke began to burn. In principle, smoothed out at a minimum temperature. In some places there were undeveloped areas, neither water nor steam helped, did not bother.

The background itself is smooth on one side and fleecy on the other.
Its size (rough): 108 * 51 cm

Lightbox dimensions (rough): 61 * 65 * 56 cm

Frame made of metal.

Also in the kit there are 3 more backgrounds: blue, red and black.

Well, actually, how and what can they remove at home with a conventional fluorescent lamp, aimed from above + long exposure on the camera. Development only in LR

UPD: they asked to make a video, how to disassemble and assemble it, in general, here:

Thank you all for your attention!