Landvo L800s - a budget smartphone (up to $ 100), working out its price for five. Overview unvarnished, with nit-picking.

I present to you a smart with excellentfeatures and pricing less than $ 100, plus a bit of confusion. Briefly summarizing, the device is solid, it is recommended to eat. For details inside.
I will try to most succinctly describe the purchase is notoverloading with unnecessary tests and pictures, focusing on the main three things that are most important to me when choosing: screen, camera and battery life.
1) Packaging and packaging
2) Build quality, ergonomics and design
3) Characteristics
4) Screen
5) Autonomy
6) Camera
7) Performance tests
8) Sound
9) Sensors, GPS and communications
Two were bought: one for a relative, the other for a friend.
I knew almost nothing about them (there are only a few very slurred reviews on YouTube without comment). Having compiled a general idea in the compartment with the declared characteristics, it was decided to take.
I will not attach the screen of the track, I will say that it was sent through Singapore post, I reached Yekaterinburg in 26 days.
1) Packaging and equipment:
The package arrived in the form of opaque blackthe package inside the layers for 5 everything is wrapped with a “pimple” + secured by the seller’s proprietary adhesive tape, also inside the box the device itself is placed in a bag of “pimple”. Drawer box, restrained, very nice looking,

-Stereo headset (single-earband in-ear headphones)
- Charger 1A ("our" outlet)
- USB cable - micro USB 1m
-Additional protective film (one factory is already pasted on the smartphone screen)
-Silicone plastic back cover
-Muture (User Manual)

2) Build quality, ergonomics and design (briefly)
- The presence of a technical gap in the upper left cornerthe back cover allows you to remove it without any difficulties, it keeps on the standard on twelve latches, after triple opening and closing nothing has come off, no backlashes and creaks have appeared. I have no comments.
- The power button is located on the right side, located at 2/3 of the height of the phone, which makes it easy to reach the thumb with your thumb, the operation does not cause complaints
- The volume rocker is on the left at the same height opposite the power button, also works flawlessly.
Nit-picking: when using a silicone case, the bulge of the power button is a little lost sometimes it didn’t hit the first time (a matter of habit)
- The charging connector is located on top.
Pick-up: the micro USB cable is inserted into the slot so that it still has a small power reserve up and down, so you need to, say, aim a little or feel for when it is inserted.
- The location of the only speaker on the back cover, it is slightly distant from the edge, I could not close it completely with my hands during landscape use.
- The central “home” key is mechanical, the other two are touch, having a white-moon illumination.
Note: the screenshot is not standard, at the same time pressing as many as three buttons: rocker down, turn off the screen and the home button.
Otherwise, everything is standard.
The phone was used mainly in a silicone case, for a couple of days I did not try to get out of my hands, it is normal in the palm of my hand, without a case due to the sloping edges, it does not cause discomfort.
A couple of design features:
- metal edging over the entire end area (notI can say 100% that this is metal, in the charging slot on the cut, at least in appearance, it is also metal, it’s also slightly colder to the touch of the plastic coating next to the edging and it takes longer to warm up with my hand).
- The back cover is textured made under the skin with a stitching around the perimeter.

3) Characteristics of the device (copy-paste from the seller, edited)
Unlocked: Yes
Superuser Rights: Yes
Thickness: Ultra Slim (<9mm)
Processor: Quad Core MTK 6582 1.3 GHz
Networks: GSM / WCDMA
Display Resolution: 960 × 540
Display Type: IPS
Display Size: 5.0
Dual SIM Support: Yes
Main camera: 5MP
Front: 0.3MP
OS: Android 4.2.2
Extras: GPS, FM Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Memory Card Slots
Front & Back Camera
Battery capacity: 2300mAh
Languages: English, Russian, German, French, Spanish
Dimensions: 142 × 72.5 × 8.1mm
4) Screen
As already noted in the TTX, the screen has an IPS matrix, OGS is not announced, and even a jester with it, I will describe my impressions, and they are positive except for the touch:
- A touch screen for two touches is not critical, but still this is a minus, since it excludes accidental touches when grabbing, I consider it ideal 5, having had time to use it there were no problems.
- Maximum viewing angles (for particularly pickywhen you look at the display diagonally, it turns slightly purple and yellow, which is typical for entry-level IPS, but I don’t look at the display diagonally at angles of 160+ degrees, this is probably for perverts).
- I will describe the brightness of the screen like this, at dusk orIn the dark, the screen does not even become comfortable bright, since it can be halved by quick setup in the OS. As a resident of Yekaterinburg, I was lucky today and turned out to be a sunny day, the screen showed itself from the best side while remaining readable at full brightness in clear weather (not in the shade). I’d like to find fault but I can’t.
Photo taken with iphone 3gs which with its 3.2MPit’s not a cake for a long time and has not fully conveyed the readability of the screen, in fact it is even better, the shooting distance is ~ 50 cm. I also note that I specially selected the angle so that the lens flare hit the screen.
Photo taken with variable clouds not in direct sunlight.

Half and full screen brightness comparison(photo in the room on A4 sheets) for comparison, you can pay attention to the sheets in the first and second photos by how much the camera’s perception of the light reflected from them has changed.

- The resolution of the display is 960 × 540. I consider this resolution to be the least acceptable when choosing smartphones with a diagonal of 5. "I carefully examined it, looked for pixels," burrs "of text and I can say with full confidence that they can be seen, perhaps, only under a magnifying glass.
Any text is perfectly readable, whether it is a menu or pages on the Internet, there will be no nit-picking.
I’ll add, I specially chose a display with this resolution, and not large, so that, due to the lower screen capacity, the phone has even greater autonomy.
The touch works the same way, even with working gloves “pimply” through a layer of polyethylene (at home, the repair wrapped it from dust).
5) Autonomy
First interesting points:
This phone has a battery withwith a marking of 3500mAh, of course, in terms of weight in hands and dimensions, it clearly did not correspond to this inscription, and I was still guided by the performance characteristics of the seller, where 2300mAh is indicated.
Since I do not have electronic scales, the tests will be software both in synthetics and in field conditions.
I immediately leaked the first charge cycle to EpicCitadel at full screen brightness, it worked in ~ 2.5 hours, I can’t say more precisely because the phone turned off by 26%, and on the second device, running the Antutu battery test 60% yielded some fantastic numbers of 5200+ units. The conclusion was drawn quickly - recalibration of the battery is required.
Since this unit has root access fromI installed all the boxes that I did from the Play Market, BatteryCallibration, charged the battery 100%, pressed the two lower buttons in the program, confirming that the battery was 100% charged and then pressed the calibration button, after which the discharge cycle charge.
Type of program:

Now about the real results:

Several screenshots of varying intensity of use
Wi-Fi never turned off, data transmission over GSM networks, too, GPS was turned on 50 to 50, the screen brightness was also 50 to 50 (maximum and half).

I consider the result adequate according to the 2300mAh announced by the seller, which I am completely satisfied with.
You can draw conclusions on screenshots with different intensity of use yourself.
! The addition made on 09/20/2014!
For additional 3-day tests:
Battery test: burning a screen with the included wireless connection at 50% brightness and some software (1st screen):

Please note that the discharge of the last 10% occurred very quickly, you should ~ 12% charge the battery! Up to 10% discharge goes evenly, where the schedule is direct - it was in standby mode.

I managed to get an electronic scale, the real capacity judging by the weight is 1800mAn!
He was obliged to supplement.
The final result for the battery, for a day without communication restrictions, it will be enough.
6) Camera
According to TTX, this is the main 5MP camera and front 0.3, both cameras have interpolations, I consider it appropriate to use only interpolation on the front, exclusively for a larger picture.
Testing Method:
Photos and videos will be made exclusively onautomation without additional adjustments, processing, and so on. While indulging in the settings, you will probably be able to squeeze something more out of it, everything will be only stock in the test (I got a taped focus, took a picture). The quality of the photo will be in optics, namely 5MP, so that you can draw conclusions about the matrix.
What is in the camera:
-Autofocus (only works with photos)
-Tap focusing (Works in all modes)
-Face recognition system (works on both cameras)
-Single LED flash
sunny day

Photos with flash were taken in absolute darkness, the distance of the photograph is 30-40 cm

According to the flash, there is nothing special to say, except for something very necessary in the dark, I don’t even know why). It is, it works, the exposure distance is 30-40 cm, uneven.
Front camera: photo taken with software interpolation up to 2MP.

Suitable for any video connection, and quite something for instagram you can click something. Not for fans of selfies, although the face recognition system is built in here.
My impressions of the photo: the camera shoots with dignity, I will not even appeal to the price, since there are many more expensive cameras that shoot worse.
Note: despite the fact that the photos are quite saturated, the loss in color reproduction subjectively is about 20%, I did not notice any color gamut distortions.
I can only say that all the refocusing on the video was done with my tapes, there is no autofocus in the video mode, there is only one microphone for recording sound, there is no additional noise reduction.
Enjoy the video quality yourself
There are several examples of this link.
Personally, I have no complaints about video filming.
Note: during fast movements, frame distortion is noticeable.
All videos from the main camera, from the front there are no examples.
7) Performance tests
On performance tests in detailI won’t stop, knowledgeable people understand so well what the proven MTK 6582 is capable of with 1GB of RAM, for the rest, the main “budgies” and impressions:

At the epic of the citadel, the area in the area of ​​the chamber is heated to 45-50 degrees Celsius.
Standard performance for this platform, average values, no miracles.
When working both in the main menu and with the third-party programs used during this time, no twitching, lags, freezes were detected.
8) Sound
- The built-in speaker is located on the back cover, when using landscape in both positions, it was not possible to completely close it with your hand, you may be able to.
I describe the volume and sound quality asmedium, no hints of bass, only medium and high, which is good because it does not choke even at maximum volume, the ring volume itself is sufficient to hear it from the next room, especially if it will be ringing tones
- The headset, there is nothing special to say, is very mediocre, the wiring looks flimsy, enough to listen to the radio and music for an undemanding user, it works and it's good, more than nothing.
- In the conversation mode, the interlocutor is heard clearly, as he hears perfectly, but he could not talk to a nearby punch, he had to retire.
9) Sensors, GPS and communications
- there are no revelations on the sensors, the minimum set is :, light, proximity sensor and accelerometer. Everything checked everything works.
Note: apparently the light sensor gives only two positions according to the brightness of the screen, half and full.
- GPS also did not present anything new and different from similar platforms on the MTK 6582, a cold start took as much as 5-7 minutes, then all the satellites were within 30-40 seconds.
The first screen from the windowsill, the second from the car.

As you can see by the posts, the signal level is low, the positioning accuracy is 3-7m, I think these indicators are sufficient for any user task.
- Wi-fi did not particularly test, since paired withMy Zyxel Keenetic 2 made friends right away, I have 50 Mbit for the tariff, and seeing that the applications are flying at 6 MB per second was not puzzled by the test. The connection is stable and did not raise any questions at the user level. Naturally, there is no support for 5GHz Wi-Fi.
- HSPA didn’t cause any questions either, kept in touch, just a day turned out to be busy with moving around the city, did not lose touch.
On the display, H + H ++ is sometimes lit. H, I did not delve into the difference in characteristics, we will conditionally call it a 3.5G connection.
- There is only one radio module, i.e. the device supports two SIM cards in standby mode, one of them is a mini sim, the Internet is working in the central compartment from it, and the second is a micro sim.
- Bluetooth paired with Iphone 3gs, then it was not tested.
General omissions:
- the maximum possible amount of SD cards was not tested, for not having one at hand (I assume that this value is standard for the 6582 platform and is 32GB).
Advantages and disadvantages:
- Touch screen two touches
- Weak, uneven flash
- Battery recalibration required
+ Screen
+ Price
+ Camera
+ Autonomy
Very pleased with the purchase, with all the requirements for it dealt with five points!
P.S. showing the neighbor, the same day he came with money and asked to order one for him.
If I forgot the commas somewhere, then I’ll leave a little spare here ,,,,,,,,,,, arrange to taste, because the linguist from me is the same.
Thanks to all!