Lenovo A60 + After a YEAR of use

This seller no longer sells it.
Hello! A year ago, I bought this wonderful dialer)
This was my first experience using an Android phone, and my first order on Aliexpress.
I bought the phone in September 2013 to replace the old Sony Ericsson K750i
If briefly perfectly copes with its task, but there is no point in buying, since this phone is morally outdated.
Caution! Many pictures
Why did I choose him?
1) Small size
2) Normal appearance
3) Price
4) Brand, was very familiar with him
5) And the most important thing was 3G
I put a small overview of the phone under the spoiler, I think it will be more convenient)

Let's make a small conclusion:
Low power (standby)
Great 3G
Great build
Root rights right from the box
256 RAM
1.5-touch screen (infuriates when pressed where you do not need to)
512MB of internal memory (about 100 available)
No autofocus
No update (latest Android 2.3.6)
Screen Resolution (480x320)
And now this is my phone for a year.
I use it very often, and here are some problems that I found:
1) Memory. Once I ran out of memory, I just flew off the firmware (Android constant inscription)
After that I installed custom CWM recovery and from there I reflashed my phone)

Of course I know such programs as Link2sd, but I do not put it because I have a 4GB flash drive
2) Accelerometer. After about six months of use, it began to fail. It just froze in one position. There the x axis only worked, and the y and z froze. It is not very convenient to constantly use in landscape orientation. At the moment, This is not (therefore, no photo). I do not know what it was connected with, I hope there will not be a second time
3) Battery indication. Shows a false charge. Not critical, but it's normal

4) Headset jack.After some time wearing a headset phone in his jeans pocket, he began to stagger a little. And after that, the sound is barely audible in the headphones, if you hold the connector with your hand then everything is audible well. I don’t know how to fix it
5) Wacky Alarm Clock. It does not work if you put it into Vibrate mode.
I often put in this mode, and I do not always forget to turn it off. And later I am late. Now I do not use it
Bottom line: As I wrote above, there is no point in buying. Now there are many phones to taste and color ...
Well, that’s all I wanted to say.
Thanks for stopping by. Good luck to you!)