Lenovo S60

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A review of the copy of the iPhone 5C youth and bright phone Lenovo S60.
The device was bought by me, for my money, and therefore does not bear any bias.


  • Specifications
  • Options and appearance
  • Screen
  • Performance and technical component
  • Operating system and uptime
  • Camera
  • findings

Characteristics The device is a budget model, but it has pretty good characteristics, given that it is still a brand, not a Chinese.

  • Processor: 64 bit, Qualcomm 1200 MHz (MSM8916)
  • Number of Cores: 4
  • RAM: 2048 Mb
  • Screen: 5 "(1280 × 720) Mirror (Glare)
  • Screen Type: Touch Screen (Support 5-touch Multi-touch), Capacitive IPS (LED)
  • Built-in memory: 8 GB (4 available for the user)
  • Rear camera: 13MP \ Front camera: 5MP
  • Wireless: Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi (802.11 b / g / n), 3G (EDGE, HSDPA, HSPA +), 4G LTE (band 1 (2100), 3 (1800), 7 (2600), 20 (800))
  • Ports: 1xUSB microUSB, Line-out 3.5mm
  • Expansion slots: Card Reader: microSD up to 32 GB
  • Optional devices: GPS with A-GPS + GLONASS
  • Sensors: Accelerometer, proximity sensor, light sensor.
  • Optional: Dual-SIM, Dual SIM support (1st microSIM, 2nd nanoSIM)
  • Opening hours / standby: 30/336 hours
  • Battery: Li-Polymer 2150 mAh (up to 30.0 hours) \ Weight: 0.128 kg
  • Color: Pearl White / Graphite Gray / Laser Yellow
  • Case (L x W x H): 143x72x8 mm

Options and appearance Supplied in a box of white and silver, everything is strict, pretty.
No unnecessary information. I would even say as such there is almost no information on the box.
The name is just a little scribble, there are no characteristics anywhere.

Additional Information

The phone is not fixed inside.
In my case, he calmly drove up and down the box.
I can’t imagine that the poor one survived while being delivered and how many times he rolled up and down the box

Today, apparently, it has become fashionable not to put any headset in the box. The greedy.
American plug + adapter

The device looks good.
Front glass, white plastic back.
Above: Sensors \ Plastic grill covering the earpiece \ Front camera
There is also an alert indicator. The color is one, it shines dimly.

Below 3 barely noticeable (in the white version of the device) gray touch keys: Menu \ Home \ back
They have no backlight.

To be honest, outwardly most Lenovo devices do not like me at all, they are kind of thick and ugly, precisely in front.
For example, even with the same TCL ONO when compared, the latter looks much more elegant and prettier.

Or with the Doogee Y100.

But this is so ... purely my opinion
There are 2 trays on the left. One for 2 SIM cards (one 2G, the other 2G / 3G / 4G), the other under the memory card.
Both are removed and inserted without problems, do not stick out, sit tight, I would even say a little bit deep into the device.
There is a film on the screen that immediately informs you of which tray is responsible for what.

On the right is the volume rocker, on / off button.
From a practical point of view, such an arrangementThe volume keys were uncomfortable to me. I somehow got used to the fact that they are on the left. After use, you begin to get used to such an arrangement, but still it remains uncomfortable.

Behind just above the middle is the Lenovo inscription.
Above the main camera and a single-LED flash.

At the top is a 3.5mm jack and microphone.
Bottom microUSB connector. And 2 holes. In the right is an external speaker, the second one is either just a snag, or the main microphone is located in it.

The device cannot be disassembled, the assembly is good, no crunches \ creaks \ backlashes were noticed.
Screen 5 inch IPS screen, with a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels.
At very large angles, the picture is slightly yellow / blue.
In terms of colors, the screen is good. Is that a little lack of brightness to him.
It’s not covered by a burnt glass, but understand what the hell, so it’s better to stick a film on it right away, but better glass.
A few photos of viewing angles

Performance and technical component It is here Snapdragon 410 (or in another MSM8916).
It has 4 cores of 1.2 GHz and Adreno 306 graphics.
This is not a top processor, I would even say that this is not the average process and rather it is already approaching budget options.
When working with the desktop \ opening standard programs and the lag menu did not notice.
In general, the processor copes well, even with some heavy softinks.
You can immediately forget about top games. But you can still play something in between.

More Antutu

The device has 2 GB of RAM.
OS shows that at startup ~ 1200 Mb is free
For some reason, the built-in miracle soft-cleaner seems ~ 800 Mb
Antutu ~ 1000-1100 Mb
Miracles are straight.
I have never had a lack of memory, so everything is fine in this regard.
The main memory is 8 GB, 4 GB is available to the user.
Yeah ... I have to buy a flash drive to the telephone.
Phone memory

Operating system and operating time The device runs on Android 4.4 with Vibe UI.
Additional Information

Iiiii ... here I was bombed.
I don’t know how in the version for Europe S60-A, I have the version S60-W (others do not make sense at all).
And then all crap is preinstalled in it (thanks for the fact that they are not in Chinese), some anti-virus programs, cleaners (after the first launch of the phone, he already offered me to clear the phone for 500 MB of junk).
Russian is, Russifies not everything, but most, the other part remains in English / Chinese.

And all this would be nothing until one BUT happened! Which completely killed at 0 all the positive impressions of the firmware.
From time to time, I began to issue advertisements. You close one, and here bam! You immediately get a commercial, because this is exactly what you wanted when you bought a phone, you started using it, you didn’t install anything yet, you just sat down to study it, and now you’re getting the whole thing shoved into it! Lenovo knows how to win self-love.
But it seems you can turn it off and have not yet appeared more.

Well, if a little more objective, then everything is not so bad.
There is multilingualism, there are Google services, the play market works without problems.
There is no menu with programs, everything that is installed is on the desktops, now this is done in almost all firmware.
There is an update by air, on the S60-A they have been updated to Android 5 for a long time, right there 4.4 and writes that the firmware is the latest and everything is super. (Firmware from A version, cannot be installed on W! There will be a brick)
A lot of screenshots, a lot

I would like to talk a little about the software that is disappointing.
For example, the weather application could not determine my location.

When trying to find manually, such a village as Moscow, alas, he does not know, it generally does not know any more than the Chinese cities.
Oh, some extremely strange functional limitation.

There is also a MaxxAudio program, which by its name alludes to KRUUUUTOOOOY ZVUUUUUUK!
Well then, let's run it.

Yeah, it’s clear ... that so far nothing is clear, apparently it’s just some kind of cool equalizer.
Well, well, I’m starting a song, they start to twist it, poke it everywhere - the result is ZERO.
Hmmm ... see only in the headphones works chtoli.
I plug in the headphones, turn on the music, launch MaxxAudio, spin the twist, poke wherever I can ... nothing again.
How this program works, what it does and whether it works at all, I still do not understand.
Well, nothing, let's rummage in a standard player.
Threw 3 types of tracks: .mp3, .flac, .m4a
Everything except the last one sees and reproduces normally.
You can play by: Track list, folders, artist, in general, everything
The headphones sound good, there is enough volume margin.
There is an equalizer with presets, or 5 band for manual tuning, as well as Bass + Surround.
Player screens

The sound from the speaker is not bad. Not wheezing, not too loud, but quite enough.
There is no bass or some volume, so it is nothing interesting.
Operating time The Snapdragon 410 is not particularly energy-efficient in itself, and if you start to load it with something, it starts to eat decently.
With average use, it will sit down pretty quickly. As a result, every evening the device will be on charge, if at all, will survive until the evening.
* Again, it all depends on the load
In this regard, devices on MTK look more attractive.
Camera: 13MP main camera, 5MP front camera.
I would like to note right away that both of them use some kind of enhancement tools to make the pictures juicier and brighter. Sometimes this can ruin the end result.
Camera app and settings

In good light, autofocus is pretty fast, the frames are relatively good, although they lack detail.
At least under the same conditionsmy opinion is better than, for example, the Elephone p6000 \ TCL Ono \ UMI Hammer, but not by much, although these devices are slightly cheaper, but the S60 costs a direct road to them.

One more photo

With insufficient lighting, the autofocus speed drops noticeably, it can make mistakes and focus not on the desired object, but not often like that.
The big problem is that under these conditions, the device will start to lather, make noise, and so on, which is common in budget devices.
As a result, the photos are of medium-lousy quality or worse.
Also, sometimes the image on the screen may be without focus, and if you take a photo, then everything will be fine.

More examples in low light

The front camera is ordinary, it applies even more effects and filters, as a result the photo can turn out to be too blurry, or too sharp, or with a terrible blockage of contrast.
There is auto face detection.

All original photos and videos HERE (Yandex.Disk)
Video writes in Full HD 30Fps
Recording Format * .mp4
The picture is not bad.
If there is a lot of external noise, it can spoil the sound recording.
There is no focus on tap during video recording.

Conclusions In general, the device leaves a pleasantimpressions, it has a certain list of pluses and minuses, but the minuses do not cross out its advantages. Just when buying you need to know about them, and not have high expectations from this phone.
!!! If you order it, buy the best version of the S60-A, or S60-W. Others do not even think to take.
Another factor that can positivelyit’s lenovo to influence the choice, this is the price, if earlier it was about $ 150, then it fell to $ 135, now you can already find it for $ 120, the further drop is likely to stop and the price will be fixed in the region of ~ $ 115 - $ 125.
For the kind of money (~ $ 115 - $ 125) he has incompetitors except that the devices on the Mtk6732 \ 6735 from unknown or not very well-known Chinese brands, otherwise with similar and sometimes losing or sometimes slightly winning characteristics.
But at a price of $ 130 or more, many competitors immediately begin to appear.
+ Screen
+ Medium cameras
+ 2 GB RAM
+ Brand all the same
+ High-quality assembly
- The operating time is poor
- Glass of mediocre quality
- Location of volume keys
- There are suspicions that this plastic cover will not live very long in such good condition.
- Non-separable housing