Lighting cable apple

Good day.
I want to introduce you to the overview of a cheap but working Apple Lighting cable.
As a charge, it works without interruption.
There were no questions when working with a computer.
Sometimes the inscriptions slip through: “This accessory is probably not supported” or “This cable or accessory is not certified, so the reliability of its operation with these devices is not guaranteed,” but at the same time everything works fine, the connection with the computer and charging do not break off.

It is long 97 cm.

Unfortunately, after a month of active use, one of the cables stopped working.
The problem was at the base of the Lighting plug. Below you can see the solution to this problem.

A small refinement in the form of a heat shrink tube corrected the shortcomings of these USB cables. (For greater rigidity, I put 3-4 heat pipes on each connector).
- price.
- design / coloring
- without modification work a maximum of one month.
- “inscriptions”
Bottom line: As I said earlier, one of the cables worked all one month, but the rest, after being finalized, have been working properly for over 6 months.
P.S. The first two photos are not mine, because at the time of writing, my review was shrink-wrapped.