Laikou Matte Hair Wax

Sometimes you still have to pack yournaughty hair and hair. After trying all sorts of gels, foams and other rubbish that only created the effect of a dirty head, I decided to try wax with a matte effect that does not shine on my hair and does not turn a person with doll hair on the advice of a hairdresser
In general, I went shopping and was somehow depressed by the prices of this invention. The choice was not very great, and did not know whichfirms are better to take. In a search on Ali, I found two positions ... matte wax by Laikou and Schwarzkopf Osis. I decided to try the eminent Chinese brand, especially on the Internet I found pretty flattering reviews on the products of this company.
The package arrived pretty quickly - 10 days. Wax is packed in a cardboard box.

The jar is completely made of plastic. Wax volume 90 g.

Wax is valid until 03.03.2018

Opening the jar, we see a substance of white color. It smells magical, the smell is similar to expensive branded products used in salons.

The jar is filled to the brim, even on the lid

So, what are the advantages I found in this for myself:
1) Firstly, how does the wax on the hair behave. He leaves no traces, lumps, does not form a dirty shiny layer, unlike the same eminent gels
2) In order to style your hair as you need, you need a very small amount of wax. Of course, it all depends on the number and length of hair, but the wax falls well on the hair and is evenly absorbed.
3) Smell - excellent, fresh, attractive
Having looked at all sorts of waxes on the Internet, II saw that their consistency is different. There is in the form of paste, there is generally like paraffin ... what is the difference, unfortunately, I do not know, since there is nothing to compare so far.
A small test drive of wax ... applied to washed and dried hair

Stacking is already on the 3rd day. Sometimes you have to fix the fixation with your hands, but the hair is obedient and not wooden like a gel. After some time, I began to notice that the wax is becoming less and less ... well, doesn’t it evaporate ?! The abductors were found in the face of the female half, who lives nearby