Meizu MX4 Belarusian edition or how a Chinese became his

Today I will tell you about my third Chinese phone. It became notorious among tea houses - Meizu mx4. My impressions after 3 months of use ... I ask for cat.
Lukashenko began to be friends with the Chinese recently. They already gave us two cars for the parade on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War)
Convertible based on FAW HongQi L5 ("Red Banner")

And I have been friends with the Chinese for three years already =)
The first phone I ordered from China was the Umi X1. The phone as a whole made me happy, but there was onebig minus weak battery. At that time, I was still studying at the university and during boring lectures, the battery charge fell before my eyes, for half a day of the Internet and toys, the phone began to ask for food. He developed a dependence on electricity) Over time, Umi wanted to eat more and more ... And I, indulging the needs of this drug addict, had to go into a new audience, immediately look through the eyes of the outlet and take places near them to feed the gluttonous Chinese. I spent a year with this phone and decided that it couldn’t go on like that anymore and we need to leave. I sold it in Minsk for almost the same price as I bought a year ago, and did not see it anymore. I don’t know if he is alive today or not ...
The main criterion for choosing the nextThe phone, as you already understood, has become a battery. I was selected Jiayu g4 (in common people chew g4). It was a good device, the battery pleased, kept stable for two days at the same level of use. A year passed with him ...
I wanted something new with a good camera andeye-catching design so that the phone does not get lost in the mass. My eyes fell on two Chinese competitors: Xiaomi Mi4 and Meizu MX4. Having studied the pros and cons of phones, as well as their prices, I settled on Meizu. He was cheaper by 40 bucks and the camera in it is better.
Found a store on aliexpress Hope-TeamShenZhen Electronic Technology Co with the best price at the time and a good rating. Signed up with a seller named Steve Jobs)) yes ordered. The seller was polite, promised to put in the package a lot of small gifts, in addition, he threw off a couple more dollars. A trifle, but nice;) By the way, now in this store, when subscribing to their channel on youtube and to the page on facebook, they give a discount of $ 10. The package went 16 days by mail from the Netherlands.
Track code

It was Saturday, I woke up in the morning and, only seeingthat the parcel arrived at the post office, ran there for his Chinese miracle. Instead of my new phone, I saw a bag with many packages that they just brought there. A grandmother who has known me for a long time, a mail worker, said: if you want to get a phone faster, look for it yourself =) and laughed) I fumbled for a long time, laying out boxes and bags on shelves with different sections and finally found that single box where it was my last name is written! In general, the kid at the same time worked for the benefit of his native post office)) Having opened the box right there, the postal worker looked at the phone and asked: did you run to the post office for this? Fu, what a shovel =)) Well, they don’t argue about tastes, especially since she has a push-button phone. Here he is, handsome!

P.S I use the Aimp player and the famous Xiaomi Piston 2 to listen to music, the sound is level.
I recommend using this player on this phone, the earphones are of course to your taste)
You won’t find anything interesting in the box) Charger, cable and phone itself.

In the headphone slot it is written that someone already pulled them before you =) but they should not have been. I liked the box, everything is compact, simple and tasteful.
If anyone decides to buy this smartphone. A brief instruction that it is advisable to immediately do, based on your experience, so that you do not spend a lot of time searching for solutions to issues.
1. If the phone is with U firmware, it is better to flash on A. All the explanations are on the forum, fast and easy.
2. We get Root - you need to make a Flyme account and activate the Open system option. Which also does not take much time.
3.Install Google Play
4. Change the Weather Widget, it is in Chinese.
5. Improving the sound of the speaker. Rummaged in (enter * # * # 3646633 # * # *) -> Hardware Testing -> Audio -> LoudSpeaker Mode -> Type -> Media -> Value is-> Level 9/10/11/12/13/14 set to exactly 167/177/187/187/187/187, the speaker sound became smooth, strong without distortion. To amplify and improve the sound in the headphones, go to Headset Mode-> Type -> Sip -> Max Vol 160. If something goes wrong, erase it in Root: / data / nvram / apcfg / aprdcl folder.
6.Many say that in Camera FV5, pictures are better. I did not notice much difference, in addition, the application a couple of times buggy when minimized. I deleted it and use the standard one. So see for yourself ...
7. Switch to ART. Everything is written here:
8. Well, and as usual: 2 times discharge the phone to the end so that the battery is calibrated.
And now about the phone itself ... This model is in mylook became the best creation of Meizu engineers. It looks similar to the previous MX3 model, which I saw only in video reviews, but at the same time differs from it. MX4 presented under the motto: More than better. Indeed, a lot of useful and interesting things appeared in the new device.

Specifications Meizu MX4:
• Network: GSM / GPRS / EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), WCDMA / HSPA (850/900/2100 MHz), LTE (1800/2100/2600)
• Platform (at the time of announcement): Flyme 4.0 based on Android 4.4 KitKat
• Display: 5.36 ”, 1920 x 1152 pixels, IPS (New Mode 2), 418 ppi, contrast 1100: 1, brightness 500 cd / m2, Gorilla Glass 3
• Camera: 20.7 MP, autofocus, dual LED flash of different tones, 5-lens optics with f / 2.2, 1 / 2.3 "aperture, Sony Exmor IMX220 sensor, video recording [email protected], [email protected]Gorilla Glass 3
• Front camera: 2 megapixels
• Processor: 8 cores, MediaTek MT6595 (4 A17 cores at 2.2 GHz + 4 A7 cores at 1.7 GHz; cores can work simultaneously), Meizu customized chipset
• Graphics chip: PowerVR G6200MP4 600 MHz
• RAM: 2 GB
• Internal memory: 16/32/64 GB
• memory card: no
• Navigation: GPS, GLONASS, QZSS, BDS
• Wi-Fi (802.11b / g / n / ac)
• Bluetooth 4.0 HID
• microUSB
• 3.5mm jack
• Battery: non-removable, 3100 mAh
• Dimensions: 144 x 75.2 x 8.9 mm
• Weight: 147 g
Meizu MX4 is much like the iPhone 6. Indeed, most likely it was on his images that the narrow eyes of the Chinese squinted when they came up with the design of their future flagship. But at that time, the six was not yet officially presented to the public, so you can not name plagiarism. Yes, and Meizu is made at the same factory with an iPhone - Foxconn, so what are the questions =)) It happened by chance)
I finalized the phone, now it is called a meizuteaphone or a tea cup with a pen =) now there is no resemblance to an iPhone at all.

By the way, you can look at the overview on this teapot for tea here:
Let's continue ... The smartphone cannot be called anyclone of the six. This is still an independent phone with its own characteristics. He came out very beautiful. The smartphone has sloping edges, a metal frame made of aviation aluminum, low weight, and also, which I really liked, interchangeable covers. Using them, you can completely change the appearance of the back of the phone. Honestly, the rear panel initially in the photo seemed boring to me, just a plastic mask ... However, when I saw it live, I changed my mind. It looks very good, in color with a painted metal frame. And the spraying on the lid is some interesting, not ordinary plastic. As I later found out, the back cover is made of polycarbonate. But this cover is somehow slippery, I hold the phone in my hand somehow uncertainly. It seems that he wants to slip out of his hands like a bar of soap. Fortunately, I ordered two more removable covers: wood and leather. Having fastened them, I almost completely got rid of these feelings.
The store where I bought a cap under the skin no longer sells them. And you can buy it under the tree here from the link below. As a gift, put a film on the screen)
They put a film on the screen as a gift)

The covers are tight, there are no complaints. Even too much, sometimes without nails it’s not so easy to open. But then a screwdriver is used =)

The screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. I don’t use covers, bumpers, films on the screen ... I do not like. During use (3 months), not a single scratch appeared. Fingerprints remain, but are erased very easily. Between the glass and the metal frame is a special shock-absorbing material. It reduces the pressure on the display in case the machine beats against the edges.

At the bottom there are: a microphone, micro-USB and a speaker.

On the left side is a metal volume rocker rocker painted in body color. It is thin, long, almost recessed into the body. Pressing hard, minimum stroke.

And on the right side there is nothing at all =) well, okay
Upstairs is a second microphone fornoise reduction, 3.5 mm audio output and power button. It is also metal, painted in body color. At first it may seem, why from above, it’s uncomfortable ... However, it is rarely used here. Only when turning on / off the phone. The smartphone lock / unlock commands are executed without her participation. Unlocking occurs with the help of a double tap on the screen or from a sharp movement from the ring up. And to lock it, you only need to hold your finger on the ring.

Meizušniki wanted to make the display not the same aseveryone has. The screen size is 5.36 inches, aspect ratio 15: 9. Very narrow frames around the edges of the display, it looks great. The screen resolution is also unusual - 1152x1920 pixels, density - 418 PPI. Sharp IPS (OGS - no air gap) matrix. Viewing angles are close to 180 degrees. In the sun at maximum brightness on the screen, everything is quite normal to see.

The screen size still allows you to use the phone with one hand, thanks to the non-standard aspect ratio.

Communication opportunities
The phone supports 2G / 3G / 4G networks. In Belarus, everything works without problems. With the exception of 4G, we simply don’t have it!) But they promise that it will appear by the end of the year. We'll wait ... although 3G suits me for now.
I use Wifi often at home, there are no complaints. There is a good signal in all rooms of the apartment, even on the street near the entrance. From the fifth floor it catches) With gps, too, no problems, it can easily find satellites. Although in my previous Jiayu, he mowed =) incorrectly determined the location, strayed. This was typical for phones with an MTK processor until recently. But, as you can see, Mediatek is correcting.
The smartphone has two cameras. The main at 20.7 MP Sony, front at 2 MP.
The front camera does not say that it is super, but it is quite suitable for a selfie. I already received the phone with this photo) We thoroughly checked the camera before sending it.

Pictures with the main camera are very high quality. I won’t talk much, here are examples of photos:
A lot of photos

RAM and memory cards
Meizu MX4 has 2 GB of RAM. This is quite enough for toys at the moment. For those who are few, you can take the MX4 Pro, there is 3 GB. Although in my opinion the MX4 Pro looks much worse due to the fingerprint scanner, it has become similar to Samsung.
The phone does not support memory cards, apparently they mow it under the iphone. I took Meizu with a memory capacity of 16GB, because I knew from experience that I had enough. If you don’t have enough, you can take 32 GB or 64.
There’s nothing to say) It's simple, the first in Antutua place. Of course, this phone achieved the result thanks to the processor, the 8-core MediaTek MT6595 took its toll. All smartphones with this process are gaining about 50 thousand parrots in antutu.

Operating system.
The smartphone operates on the Android operating system version 4.4.2. There is a meszushnaya shell Flyme OS 4.0.2A.

I was previously not familiar with the fly, but I’m veryliked. The first time, of course, it’s unusual that all control takes place with the help of one button, after three-button androids. But you get used to it quickly. The OS is a kind of mixture of ayios and android with the addition of its ingredients. As a result, it turned out quite not bad. There are controversial decisions, the settings menu may not be pleasant for everyone ... But how often does someone climb there) Yes, and there is nothing wrong with it, it just differs from the standard Android one. There are a lot of funny free wallpapers from the meiza store. For example, a stern Communist cat with a book by Chairman Mao)

OTG works without problems. My 32GB flash drive is detected quickly by the phone.

If anyone is interested in a USB adapter in the form of an android, I bought it here
I was very pleased with the phone! Giving $ 275 today for a phone, you get a truly high-quality product. In my opinion the best for this price. Perfection, it’s in the little things. Cool design and filling do not give the right to find fault. Although some say, they say the processor is voracious. I have enough phone for the day of active use and it suits me. The only drawback is the lack of NFC and FM-receiver.
For three months of use, the phone passedBelarusianization, became his own, so to speak) forgot Chinese speech, writing and became a true friend to his master! It has never been suspended, not buggy, and has not rebooted itself. Thank you very much for that!)
P.S.When writing a review, I came across photos taken by the phone’s camera at the May 9 Victory Day parade. We are one of the few countries where this holiday is special and is celebrated on a large scale. Moreover, such a date, 70 years of the end of World War II. Despite the fact that 10 days have passed since the celebration, this holiday does not happen past. Congratulations to all of you on behalf of the Belarusian people! We, Bulbashs, who, as our Old Man likes to repeat, live in the very center of Europe, wish everyone that combat aircraft and equipment take to the streets of your cities only for parades and exercises.

Victory Square, Minsk

With a victory!