Metal frame (holder) for badge

Stylish-fashionable-youth, plastic card format.
This holder accidentally caught my eye somehow. It is sometimes needed, but the plastic available is, to put it mildly, not very.
Delivery took 60 days, about which the seller, in general, wrote in the order immediately after dispatch.
It came in a bag, everything is ok.
[Here, imagine that a large piece from the wiki is inserted, what are the badges and holders for them]
The kit is ugly simple:
1) aluminum frame with a matte texture - 1 pc.
2) protective film - 2 pcs.
3) a lace with a clip (let's call this hook like that) - 1 pc.

Lace "to the navel":

The clip is disassembled, although care must be taken.

There are two pieces of protective films, and each of these films, in turn, is also covered with two films.
Two protective films together in thickness as a plastic card, that is, in fact, two plastic cards can be inserted there.

Honestly, the catch was not immediately revealed. I thought that the films were specially made slightly whitish, maybe for beauty or some other effect. Maybe even substandard ...
However, then a suspicion crept in, which turned out to be true - the protective films are indeed covered with protective films. Of course, I heard that China is quality, but not as good.

Everything that is equal to the size of a standard plastic card is inserted into this frame.
A pass somewhere, a travel card, a card of the conference participant (although how do I know what it is) ...
Old and new "holders":

Stylish, durable, comfortable holder.
Cards are conveniently inserted and removed; there is a margin of thickness for laminated cards.
Ergonomically hanging on the neck, the orientation of the tape directs one of the sides of the frame.
You can hang the frame to the navel, you can shorten the tape with a clothespin and place a badge higher.
If the protective films become unusable, they can easily be replaced by those available on the household, for example, films for smartphone displays.
I didn’t find any shortcomings for myself; fantasy was also not allowed to come up with.
A photo