RAXFLY micro-usb cable with braided thread and leather strap

A convenient solution for those who do not take out a web of wires in their purse - a cable with a strap on the button.
The cable came in a mail bag with pimples and in a branded bag with Velcro
Looks neat and stylish outside the bag.

The braid is made soundly, the threads do not stick out

Cable length - a little more than a meter

The strap is similar to leather - in any case, it smells of leather and looks similar to

When connected, the smartphone is charging

The inscriptions on the plugs are contrasting and always at the top - you won’t be mistaken when stuck
If you do not need a large length - you can clean the excess part of the wire with a strap anywhere

We connect the smartphone as an external device - the computer identifies it

Conclusion: A good cable for its ridiculous $ 2.99, it performs its functions. In Auchan, an ordinary rubber cable for 200 rublesyou can buy, and here 2 in 1, and even the cable is not rubber, and the strap is very convenient and looks expensive. This and a lot of space in the purse will not take, and don’t be ashamed to give.