Mini USB WiFi Adapter

I ordered such a small WiFi adapter just in case. I didn’t count on the quality of his work, but I was pleasantly surprised ...
Please do not kick much, because this is my first review
The seller I bought from (in February) no longer sells them, so there’s a link to the same adapter, but from a different seller. (apparently the same and the same chipset in reviews)
So, the package from China looks like this:

How long was the package writing I do not see the point, because it does not depend on the seller, but rather depends on our mail ... and, more precisely, on customs
The adapter was detected by the computer, but could not find the drivers. There were no driver disks with the adapter. The choice of the Windows permission mode to search for drivers on the Internet also did not bring success, so the drivers were found by the device ID (USB \ VID_0BDA & PID_0179).
It turned out to be Realtek 8188ETV (Realtek 8188 ETV chip)
The latest driver for Windows 7 × 64 that I found is
DriverVer = 01/15 / 2014,1024.9.1219.2013
The adapter picked up the driver, the wifi adapter in the computerappeared, but did not see a single wifi network. The seller in this regard said that I did not have the correct drivers and sent my own drivers - completely unsuitable for this adapter.
As a result, he offered to either return the money or send a new one. I agreed to a new one, which I received after about a month.
The new one immediately worked, picked up the already installed drivers and safely saw all the wifi networks
Inside (Realtek 8188 ETV chip):

UPD: back side of the board:

I tested the connection with the Zyxel Keenetic Giga router with standard firmware at a distance of 15m (computer and router in different rooms through a concrete wall)
The reception level for such a small "little figure" impressed me, as did the data transfer rate ... I admit honestly, I expected much less from it
The speed is stable when copying large files, and small in both directions

In general, I recommend buying, but be prepared,that may not be lucky, because judging by the reviews, sometimes I come across instances with poor reception ... plus my first one did not work at all. You can see the quality is suffering, although the board is made at the level.
Lot bought with your own money.
Well and my assistant

I read from the comments that the chip is on a datasheetdesigned for 3.3V, and the board does not have a power stabilizer, so 5V from USB they quickly kill it ... it heats up and burns up as a result, and it is not known how long it will work ...
The best way out is to take a USB extension cable,and put 2 diodes sequentially in the gap of the 5V power wire, thereby lowering the voltage to about 3.5V. The extension cord can be taken as short as possible to maintain compactness.