excellent side cutters - cheap and high quality

Cheap but very good tool. For dismantling, biting all kinds of small wiring and similar tasks.
Video version of the review at the bottom of the page.
Unplanned purchase, bought, falling under the influence of others.
I have a friend who is very passionate aboutelectronic soldering work. In this regard, he has a lot of various tools on his desktop, and they are used very actively. And so, when I was visiting him, it was about buying on Ali, he began to tell me that he had ordered or was going to order one, the other, and these are the side cutters: “By the way, order yourself these. I recommend! I have been using these for more than a year, they are very convenient, for biting something small, thin, in general, an irreplaceable thing. I foolishly killed my own a week ago - I had a bite of a steel rod, and now the lips do not converge on the tip. So I ordered myself new ones. Take these for yourself, just use them for delicate tasks. ”

I turned their hands, tried how to have a bitethin wiring. I liked it, and I thought it would be useful in the household. Although I am not fond of radio electronics, sometimes there is a need to crawl somewhere, bite something neatly.
Arrived home, and ordered.
The tool arrived in a simple bag

From protection there was a protective "cap" from a little spear and an adhesive tape on sponges.

Side cutters look very solidly.

The hands are non-slip, they look beautiful, they are comfortable in the hand.

Important detail: there is a limiter that does not allow the handles to open too much, otherwise there are tools that open almost 180 degrees and each time you have to somehow catch or finish the second handle.

The handles are spring loaded. The stroke is very smooth, there are no backlashes.

I removed one pad, the second could not.

Under the removed cool inscription indicating where the instrument is made.

Sharpening is a curve, but the convergence of the lips is normal, without gaps. The cut is smooth, without gaps.

I checked the severity for a start on a piece of paper. In the video, I specially left the sound, because “click-click-click” cuts through cool paper. No problem at all.
Wire snacks easily and naturally. On the handle it is written that it is recommended to bite wires with a diameter of up to 1 mm. Pay attention to this. It is normal for aluminum and copper wires, but it is better to bite steel wire, especially thicker, with something more powerful and rougher.
And on the pen it is written to use safety glasses. And it is worth paying attention to this inscription, because when biting off small details, these very details are scattered anywhere. In the comments, one user wrote that he flew into the eye
But generally they didn’t buy it so that the nailshave a bite to eat. The main advantage of these side cutters is that they allow you to perform delicate delicate work, crawl into small, even tiny parts and wires, and gently bite them. Those who are engaged in the repair of equipment or is interested in radio electronics use such a tool to dismantle parts or bite off the conclusions after soldering. And these side cutters cope with this task perfectly.
For biting thick wires, usually in every house there is a tool, but for such a trifle-

The only drawback is the lack of any protective cap. Given the sharp lips, it would not be out of place, and so you have to use what the Chinese have knocked down.
Great quality side cutters at a good price. The main thing is not to become impudent and not to bite with them something that is too tough for them. For power work there are more powerful tools. In my opinion, a successful purchase, which can be recommended to others.