Soldering Station Saike 898D / 220V Saike 898D Hot Air Rework Station

Soldering Station Saike 898D. The price with a five percent coupon is $ 100. A bit battered came, for which the seller agreed to make a refund of $ 30.
The soldering station consists of a soldering iron (witha set of four stings of different shapes) and a heating hairdryer (also four types of nozzles). Maximum heating up to 450 degrees. The buttons on the front panel set the temperature to the nearest degree. The hair dryer, when you install it in the stand, automatically turns off, very convenient. Of course, there is an air supply regulator.

Traditional yellow packaging

Corrugated cardboard packaging

Well, at first glance, a wholepackage wrapping. Inside there are several cardboard boxes of a smaller size (for a soldering iron, hairdryer, nozzles), the station itself with a foam pad on the face, instructions, etc. small things.
We get the contents

Small things, however, are pleasant: a spare spiral for a hair dryer, a spare ceramic heating element for a soldering iron, two (why two, do you need just one?) adapter from UK plug to EU socket. There were also two tweezers for mounting SMD elements.
Replaceable soldering iron tips

Mounting Tweezers

Set of nozzles for the hair dryer

Spare heating elements

UK / EU adapter, 2 pieces

Soldering Iron Stand

Unfortunately, part of the panel was broken. The fragments lay in the package. The front side of the station is intact, so they did not even immediately detect damage. In principle, it can be glued.
The seller blamed the mail. It may be so, although there was no damage to the packaging that would have appeared after the impact.
Broken plastic

It's time to check in. The hair dryer started working immediately, but the soldering iron did not want to warm up, S-E was lit on the screen. After reading the instructions (it is in Chinese and English), they found a funky clue to this error - the failure of a certain sensor, a replacement is necessary. But how to change it is not clear.
Error turning on the soldering iron S-E

We decided to disassemble the soldering iron in search of the sensor. It is collapsible, designed to quickly replace the heating element. And what was discovered during the disassembly? It turned out that the Chinese simply forgot to solder the wires to the scarf. Four wiring hung in the air above the pads. They soldered themselves and the soldering iron worked.
Not soldered wires

In the course of further inspection, dents were found onbottom of the hull. Either the postal servicemen snapped the box so that the transformer was imprinted on the bottom with its weight, or the seller hid something from us about the past of this station.
Opened a dispute on the age of part of the money, requested $ 30. The seller agreed, asking him to leave a positive comment about the transaction.
Despite all the disadvantages, the friend was pleased with the purchase.
By the way, the kit should also have beensolder paste, but it seems to be forbidden to be sent by airmail (info from the seller), so he instead puts a small gift in the order. I don’t know exactly what they had in this package, most likely two tweezers for mounting.
P.S.: I forgot to take a picture of the hairdryer and the soldering iron, sorry, I gave the box to the owner. But their photos are on the Internet, I think you will find. Quality on a solid four.