Peugeot 307 Rear Windshield Wiper

Hello. After the rear wiper was broken, the question arose of replacing due to the fact that on existential the price for the wiper assembly about ~ $ 60 decided to turn to our Chinese friends.
I was pleasantly surprised by the value and decided to order. He glued his old folk methods of superglue + soda and tried not to use it unnecessarily.
The order went quite a long time about two months:
2015.02.09 19:23 (GMT-7): 06. Received at the post processing site (224023) Brest-23
2015.02.08 08:24 (GMT-7): 06. Received at the post processing site (224000) Brest UOOP
2015.02.07 13:00 (GMT-7): Sending a shipment to a local office
2015.02.07 13:00 (GMT-7): 08. Transmitted from (200400) to (224000) Brest UOOP
2015.02.07 13:00 (GMT-7): 08. Transmitted from (200400) to (224000) Brest UOOP
2015.02.03 12:43 (GMT-7): Passage through the customs zone
2015.01.28 09:41 (GMT-7): Received by the mail processing site
2015.01.28 09:41 (GMT-7): Receiving a shipment at an exchange office
2014.12.25 12:56 (GMT-7): Departure from the exchange
2014.12.25 12:12 (GMT-7): Departure from outward office of exchange
2014.12.24 17:30 (GMT-7): Opening
2014.12.19 13:03 (GMT-7): Receiving a shipment from the sender
The package was well packed

Attachments were packed and sealed in separate bags.

On the brush itself, a protective strip on the rubber band

The only jamb in the cover that closes the nut which is attached to the janitor. One side is flush and the other sticks out a little. Which gave an occasion to talk with the Chinese and eventually return $ 3.

I got on the car normally.

In general, the quality-price ratio is satisfied. I recommend.
Here is my ref link to whom the review is useful