Tronsmart Element Mega Portable Bluetooth Speaker

I bring to your attention another review of the Bluetooth speakers from the Tronsmart brand - Element Mega.
This is my first portable speaker, and indeed,To be honest, as they say, “a bear has stepped on my ear” and I don’t hear much difference between silver-plated gold wires from oxygen-free copper and ordinary ones. So the review will most likely be amateurish.

Thanks to all the beloved p.18 my assessment of this device is likely to be somewhat subjective, because I got it for free. And for free, as they say, and vinegar is sweet. However, I will try not to be biased.
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A column was delivered to me a couple of days before the apartment by a courier, who asked only to sign with a finger on the screen of his smartphone. Even the passport data was not verified. Well, okay, that’s probably the way it is.
The column is delivered in a black box made of densecardboard with a lid on magnets. In general, everything is expensive, rich. In the box, in addition to the column, there is also a box with AUX and Micro-USB cables, an English manual and an empty warranty card, nothing special:

Although the lid is certainly impressive

Of the characteristics, the following is stated:
● Maximum power: 40 W (2x20W);
● AUX, NFC, Bluetooth (4.2), USB;
● Playback time: up to 15 hours, 7.4 V / 3300 mAh battery;
● playback: APE, MP3, Other (0_o what is this different?), FLAC;
● High-fidelity Sound, DSP, TWS, IDDQD, IDKFA and other obscure abbreviations that seem to be there, but no one knows how to check ...
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Externally, the column is a black box, framed around the perimeter with a metal mesh. At the top end are the touch controls:

The weight of a fully charged speaker is 637 grams. As they say - “Such a thing on the head is not a joke. You can break up the blood. ":

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Since my phone is not NFC trained, connectI had through the menu Settings -> Bluetooth. There we find the Tronsmart Element Mega, and click connect and the column makes a “pilimk”. No protection against unauthorized connections is provided. Although if the speaker is already paired with the phone, others do not see it. Also, when pairing with a smartphone, an icon appears in the notification bar showing the remaining charge level of the column. When playing music from a card or via AUX, you can only guess about the remaining charge. You also have to guess the name of the current track.

Volume control is done withtouch strip and buttons "+" and "-". The step of changing the volume using the buttons seemed to me excessively large, and the bar worked somehow once. In general, it would be better to attach an ordinary twist. I did not like the fact that the set volume is not displayed anywhere. Turn on the column and think whether it’s going to scream for the whole apartment or not? uncomfortable. And one more unpleasant moment - if you put the track on pause, the column crackles a little.
I tried to connect to a laptop. Everything went smoothly. The column is defined as a bluetooth headset, you can even chat in skype:

Also, the column can play files from MicroSD cards:

I checked the following audio file formats:
✔mp3; ✔wav; ✔flac; ✔mp2.
✘m4r; ✘m4a ✘ogg; ✘amr.
In general, 50/50, although the most popular formats are still playing.
Use ▐ ▐ and ▶► ▌ to scroll through the tracks. But rewinding inside the track is not provided.
When charging, the column consumes 1.5A, which somewhat falls short of the promised 2.1A:

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In general, the column copes with its task. It is clear that no 40W is close at all, but the sound, in my inexperienced hearing, is quite tolerable. Yes, and the appearance delivers. From Wishlist / wishes to the manufacturer: normal mechanical volume knob and battery indicator on the speaker itself. I would also like a display on which the name of the current track is displayed, but this, as I understand it, is a completely different league. Will I keep the column for myself? Rather, no - did not come up with a scope for it.
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