Sony Xperia Z1 - Japanese mother or full WTF?

Good afternoon friends! Today I will share my impressions of exploring SONY products. In short, I did not like the phone. Why? Read below.
IMPORTANT! The phone is not new! Took not for myself! Samsung and HTC paid me nothing! I do not recommend reading to ardent fans of SONY!
Road, road, you know so much ....

An ordinary cardboard box, an ordinary “pimple”, in a word, nothing interesting.

Opening the box, does the first WTF meet us? The user expects a much richer configuration from a device of this price category. For this money, the manufacturer could add a cradle or at least a high-quality headset to the kit, but he preferred to save by forcing the consumer to go shopping and spend extra money on accessories. Sony WTF?


I don’t like the way the phone is in my handthe edges are sharp, the control buttons are mildly uncomfortable and close to each other, and the plugs are really enraging. A film is glued on the back of the glass (it’s not about transportation), which I think will very quickly come to an untidy look, so you won’t be able to use a case or bumper, and this in turn will not affect the design in the best way, but I think most of it is because of the design and bought it.

In length, the smartphone is only half a centimeter smaller,than HTC ONE M8 with its stereo speakers, and looking at the on-screen buttons, it remained a mystery to me what is hidden under the huge frames above and below.

The weight of the smartphone is an impressive 168 grams.

Arrived with Android 4.3 on board.

Through a threefold update, I still managed to get to the last 4.4.4. Why it was impossible to immediately upgrade from 4.3 to 4.4.4 I don’t understand. Sony WTF?

Enjoy the originality)

There is also the option to update applications through the built-in "Update Center" and it’s not bad, your Japanese mother

Implemented protection from the "fool." "Fools" who bought a smartphone is now fully armed))))

I don’t like Sony’s interface, it’s not in itraisins or something, everything is inexpressive and uninteresting. It would be better if they did not touch the android at all. Many Chinese manufacturers put Sony's shell on the blades in all respects. Although this is of course my IMHO and you can throw me waterproof Japanese slippers)

Looking at a bunch of pre-installed crap from Sony, there is only one irresistible desire to delete, delete, delete ...

5-inch screen, Full HD 1920x1080 pixels,pixel density 441 dpi, TRILUMINOS and X-Reality technologies - it sounds beautiful doesn't it? But in reality we are waiting for the usual faded TFT matrix with slurred color reproduction and low viewing angles. Why didn’t you put at least IPS here? For the money I want to have a great screen! Sony WTF?

A weak consolation for someone can be a multi-touch with 10 touches)

Out of the box, about 11 GB is available to the consumer. Declared support for memory cards up to 64 GB

The speaker is also quiet and this is another WTF, on the street you have to press the phone harder in your ear.
There are no problems with performance.

Blue tooth works fine.

WIFI work was perplexing no matter how much II was standing near the router and I couldn’t put the down arrow, on the other hand the files “flew by a fly” into the smartphone, demonstrating excellent download speed

But with the operation of the sensors, not everything is so smooth.
The magnetic field sensor simply does not work, checked with various tests, the result is zero

The same trouble with the orientation sensor

GPS also causes misunderstandings
After a couple of minutes I caught a couple of satellites, after another couple more 3 more and that's it.

Seeing the huge grid covering the speaker, an idea involuntarily arises, but now we are rock-and-roll in the village, but it wasn’t there)

Elvis Presley mooing his famous bluesuede boots "as if they had them, these boots were put into the mouth by disgruntled fans. And then you first mentally pronounce WTF and frantically look for the volume rocker, still feeding timid hope, and suddenly you will sing. But no. And then you understand that that's all and shout WTF! Sony WTF WTF WTF?
And all sorts of built-in “improvers” of sound, as sanctions against Russia)

In general, the sound fell in an unequal battle withwaterproof and turned out to be almost tightly walled up under an elastic band in the bowels of a waterproof body. If you constantly miss calls because of a quiet sound, then the same thing awaits you.

Battery with a capacity of as much as 3000 mAh. Inspires? Antutu did not do the test, but during the test the phone ate a charge, like a horse in grass. If you use the smartphone firmly, then be ready to run to the outlet by the evening and no proprietary saving technologies like STAMINA will help you.

Main camera 20.7 MP (Exmor RS), aperture 2.0, eight-fold digital zoom, autofocus, support for a bunch of different modes, face detection, red-eye removal ... etc, etc. How it sounds, how it sounds ...
Well, according to tradition, but in fact ....)))))) For some reason, the default value is 8 MP. When shooting in super duper auto mode in the photo, a huge amount of noise and soap. If you want to get a resolution of 20 MP, you need to shoot in manual mode, but even then you need to have the abilities of a wizard of the Emerald City to get a decent shot. Perhaps the sensor itself is good, but the software that serves it is no good. I don’t know what Lobachevsky wrote to them the photo-processing algorithms, but the camera is another WTF from SONY)

Video editor

Full-size sample photos from the links below
Good performance
Maybe design
Dust and water protection
OTA updates
Meager equipment
High price
Describing this device, the brain constantlythe definition is spinning slurred, I don’t know why, but some kind of slut is slurred and incomprehensible. And everything in it is wrong and everything in it is not right. Maybe I have a midlife crisis? ))) In general, I did not become a fan of Sony and did not understand why they were asking for that kind of money. And in our county town they want as much as 100 thousand tenge for it. Proof Perhaps some of the disadvantages can be explained byThat the device is refarched, and there are no such shortcomings in the device purchased in the store. But I described what fell into my hands and since I saw it. In general, all beaver. That's all.
Thank you for your attention, I hope for a pleasant understanding)))