Star C6 - a copy of Huawei Honor 6 or a tale of an unfulfilled dream

Today is a tale about how Ivan went to China for a wonderful artifact and at a low price, but remained in a trough with Fleu’s smartphone and lost time.
A lot of photos under the cut, carefully!
Foreword For such a large nation as the Chinese, often the concept of “rule” simply does not exist. But basically, the deception of dirty Lyovaites is a matter,which you can boast and be proud of. Yes, the rules of aliexpress are quite strict, but they can be fooled. An example of this will be considered in the review. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to find a specific seller, since he deleted that page. But there are enough examples of such lots on ali, these are the same honor 6 at a price of 110-120 dollars (for example here), many fakes for Lenovo and Huawei, a number of othersbrands. Such lots should beware - this is at least a lost time. In the most successful version, the money will be fully refunded to you, the phone will remain in your hands. But it is also highly likely that you will have to either send the phone back or return only a part of the money. A kind of lottery with a prize in the form of a cheap Chinese phone from the basement manufacturer. Is it worth playing?
My friend bought a smartphone, which then with my help proved the seller’s deception and was able to return the money. The phone gave me thanks for the help in returning the money.
Characteristics from the seller
network: WCDMA 850/2100; GSM 850/900/1800/1900;
number of slots for SIM cards: 2
wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, GPS + A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0;
OS: Android 4.4 KitKat;
processor: MediaTek MT6592 or HiSilicon Kirin 920
RAM: 2 or 3 GB;
internal memory: 16 GB + slot for memory cards;
screen: 5 inches with a resolution of FullHD 1920 * 1080 pixels;
camera: 13 megapixels main, front 5 megapixels;
battery: 2 800 mAh
dimensions 139.5 x 71.4 x 8.1 mm
weight 130 g
Not bad for $ 100, huh?
Real characteristics
network: WCDMA 850/2100; GSM 850/900/1800/1900;
number of slots for SIM cards: 2 (SIM + micro SIM);
wireless interfaces: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, GPS + A-GPS, Bluetooth 4.0;
OS: Android 4.4 KitKat;
processor: MediaTek MT6582M;
RAM: 512 MB;
internal memory: 4 GB + slot for memory cards;
screen: 5 inches with a resolution of 960x540 pixels;
camera: 8 megapixel main, front 2 megapixel;
battery: 2,200 mAh (actually - about 1800 mAh)
dimensions 142 x 71 x 8 mm
weight 162 g
But the reality is worse ... Now to the smartphone ...
Packaging and packaging The box from Honor 6 did not become faked - the smartphone comes in an acid-colored box with the unexpected inscription “Smartphone”. Well, so be it ...

Inside we have standard terrible headphones thatit is better to immediately burn or throw away, as well as charging USB and microUSB cable. The generous seller also threw a box of various 1-cent junk such as a stylus for capacitive screens, some kind of stand and flimsy microSD card reader.

A “nice gift” was supposed to be a cover-book ...

But its quality is so disgusting that ... In general,it is made of such cheap material that even holding it in your hands is a dubious pleasure. The feeling that it is made from recycled and chewed rubber mixed with foam and cardboard. Plus, the cover is not magnetic and does not press firmly against the case.

Appearance and assembly
But the smartphone does not look like an example better than the box. Glossy, plastic, although it looks like glass and metal (that is, like the original). All the same, a copy of the pretty and nicely tailored Huawei Honor 6. True, the copy is significantly heavier, a little bigger and assembled far from the original ... But it really looks great, even for $ 100. Although it is clearly different from the original, the side faces are painted black, unlike the metallic gray in the original. It looks worse, although the faces are made of metal.

The layout of the controls resembles the original.
On the front of the smartphone - a speaker of quite decent volume, a camera for "oneself", light and proximity sensors.

The left side is clean, but on the right are the control buttons - lock and volume. The original on the right also has a compartment with a cover for replacing the SIM card and installing a memory card, it is not here. »width =" 600 "" />
On the top of the smartphone is a 3.5 mm jack and an imitation of an IR transmitter, as in the original. Of course, there is no IR transmitter here. Bottom - microUSB connector and microphone.
Behind - the camera peephole, flash and call speaker.
The back cover is removable, removed with a simple shift down, under it we have a wonderful inscription ...

Huawei Honr 6. In the best traditions of Abidas, Nice and NokLa.
The battery ... seems to be at 2800 mAh, but it is very thin and light ... 3600 mAh is written on the battery itself ...

We will dwell separately on our own cover book. I already said about the quality of the materials ... So, besides everything else, the camera’s eye covers this cover with some kind of terrible glass-film, which is constantly muddy and dirty. You can’t do anything with it, as a result, this window is better to either be broken down or taken as a fact that the phone with this cover = without a camera.

In general, the assembly can be called good, but flawsare present. The frame along the edges of the smartphone in some places protrudes half a millimeter, the microUSB connector is a little crooked. The back cover can be removed very easily, sometimes when I took my smartphone out of my pocket, I accidentally took it off, taking out only the body of the smartphone. The same is observed when using a cover-cover.
According to the seller, there should be FullHDscreen, but actually there is qHD (960 * 540). The phone uses a 5-inch IPS matrix. The quality is surprisingly good, the color is quite bright and juicy, at the corners the screen does not fade. The brightness is sufficient, although the screen is practically not visible in the sun.

The screen supports only 2 touches, but the sensitivity is high, there are no incorrect clicks.
There is no oleophobic coating, stains quickly appear on the screen. Eran is covered with glass, but I can’t say anything about his hardness, for 3 weeks I didn’t have any scratches on him.
Battery As I said, the seller saysabout 2800 capacity battery, on the battery itself there is a figure of 3600, but in terms of weight and dimensions it cannot be given more than 1500-1800 mAh. In tests, the results confirm this.

In general, the battery is barely enough for one working day. In games, the phone will sit in 1.5-2 hours, the main consumer of energy is the screen.
Communication Features Phone Supported2 SIM cards, one of the usual size, the second - microSIM. The original Honor 6 supports 4G LTE, here is a maximum of 3G. I did not notice any problems in the network, that MTS, that the Megafon network was kept the same as on other smartphones.
It also supports a standard set of other communications - Wi-F, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS.
Navigation MediaTek chips have always had someproblems when working with navigation, perfect work, as on Qualcomm, I have not even met on MT6595. The Star C6 uses the MT6582 processor, so I basically did not expect anything, even admitted the complete absence of a GPS chip. However…

Everything turned out not so bad. The smartphone even worked better in some ways than the Jiayu-Lenovo, which passed through my hands. Not many satellites are caught, but you can use a smartphone as a navigator.
Memory and memory card The internal memory, according to the seller, is 16 GB, in fact - of course only 4 GB. Supported memory cards up to 32 GB, no problems arose.
Camera The main camera is declared 13 megapixels, front - 5. In fact, we have 8 megapixels for the main camera and 2 for the front. Surprisingly, the main camera is quite decent. True, only if you shoot in the wrong cover book. For understanding, below are examples of photos on cameras without a cover, with a glossy back cover and separately - with a cover-book.
Sample photos without a case

Remove the faint of heart, children and blowers from the screen to avoid psychological injuries!
Photo in a case

Fuf, that's enough. As a result, as you see, you can shoot something on the camera, you can even shoot the text - autofocus is there and it works. Most likely, the camera here is 5 megapixels with interpolation up to 8. But in general, the camera’s diagnosis is clear ...
Performance and Tests The original has an 8-core powerful Kirin 920. The seller offered 2 versions of the smartphone - on 6582 with 512 MB of RAM and for a slightly larger amount - with 6592 and 3 GB of RAM. As a result, my friend ordered of course with 3 GB, the difference is only 20 dollars! And when Antutu launches, the desired features and 35 thousand points are issued. I note that this gives the latest version of Antutu downloaded. Cpu-z also shows “as it were” 8 cores, though it only sees the frequency of 4 cores.

But here is Geekbench and a couple of some testsgive out reality - there are 6582 and 512 MB of RAM. In the same Antutu 34 thousand points shine everywhere, except for the comparison page with other smartphones, where 17 000 are issued.

Software Features
A smartphone based on Android 4 works.4 with slightly changed icons in order to bring the smartphone's interface closer to EmotionUI (the launcher from Huawei used in Honor 6). Otherwise, there are no differences, no gesture control, no updates by air.
Sound The sound is quite decent in volume, although atmaximum speaker begins to choke. In the headphones, the sound is very quiet, even at maximum the music is poorly heard, you may need to dig into the engineering menu. The interlocutor is heard well, the microphone also works out normally - no complaints have been received from the interlocutor.
Video review

A fake is a fake, but here we are dealing with an overvalued fake. However, we will try to look at the smartphone as just another smartphone model from the Star brand.
- Nice design
- Decent GPS work
- A decent screen (color reproduction)
- Weak screen resolution and only 2 touches
- Weak camera
- 512 MB RAM
- The battery is only 1.5-1.7 Ah.
- Hinged cover included
- High price ($ 95 for Star C6)
Can I take a smartphone? Yes. If it costs $ 60, then you can take for the sake of drunken parties. In all other situations - not worth it. And I pay special attention when buying - carefully read the description from the seller. Better - choose a bigger seller, the chance of cheating is great reduced. Well, remember - free cheese, only in a mousetrap.
Thank you all for your attention, read my other reviews
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