The very microSD Samsung EVO Plus 64GB for $ 10.99 + coins

I think everyone remembers an action of unprecedented generosity inAliexpress mobile application, when it was possible to grab for coins + $ 10.99 a flash card on 64GB Samsung Evo Plus. The characteristics of that card were as follows - Class 10 U3, reading 100MB / S, writing 60MB / S. Many then the seller began to write about the cancellation of the order, then he began to offer 32GB drives and in the end completely changed the name of his store to the usual Noname 12345.

I made an order, like many, and by chance, they sent me a flash drive and that's what I got.
I got a flash drive in a regular package. Declared value of $ 10.

Packaging is similar to branded. On the front side there is a sticker with a verification code. For authentication, go to the site and enter the code.

This card was original. Very well. Initially, there were hieroglyphs, who are interested in what happened - 超强 性能 , 可靠 品质 ; 您 查询 的 产品 为 三星 存储 产品 正品 行货!

On the back we have features:

The flash drive itself is different from all those that I found on the Internet. The main and only difference is that the Samsung inscription is all gray, while mine is blue.

And one more not docking, on the back it says Made in Phillippines, and the Republic of Korea breaks through the barcode ...

Checking with H2testw_1.4. The volume is honest, but the speed does not match. The reading should be much higher, because 100MB / S is declared. Used in USB3.0 using an Orico card reader.

CrystalDiscMark showed slightly better results, but still falls short.

Flash Drive Information Extractor.

ATTO Disk Benchmark. For large files, the maximum speed reaches 74MB / s.

SD Insight

In general, the flash drive is honest in volume and works more than well. But the maximum speed is far from 100MB / s, and whether the manufacturer Samsung is also in question. I think to open a dispute.