Phone on Andoid with 2-sim for 2000r

Hello! This is not my first review on the muse, but for the first time I do not know where to start.
Okay, I’ll make an essay plan
so, let's begin:
Yes, I forgot to prevent semantic errors in the text. This is the author's corporate identity.
Table of contents
Purchase history

Screenshots Benchmark
Textile sensations ©
Pff sort of managed. Here we can say that the table of contents is not deep enough that you could come up with and write something else okay, this is a working version, as I write, I will finish
And here is the first alteration forgot item
This tablet is built on the new SoC SC6820 from Spreadtrum
is a single-core cortex A5 processor running at 1GHz
Which in turn promises us good performance + profitability (in terms of battery consumption)
The Mali graphics core is built into the processor (which one I can’t presume to say on the website, they write that Mali 400 in Antutu is defined as Mali 300)
Maximum Supported Resolution SoC WVGA (800x480)
2 SIM cards working in the GSM standard (yes there is no 3G)
Back to the phone
256 RAM
256 ROM
Display 3.5 HVGA TFT LCD, 320 * 480
Battery according to the seller 1700mAh according to the sticker 1900mAh in fact I hope at least 1200mAh
Purchase history
I had a long time (about 2 years ago) my first ChineseSTAR X10 is a good device for its money. Then my first smart phone Lenovo a60 was bought, and this one I gave my sister to sell was not profitable) she used it for about a year and recently she started to glitch touch. Nothing to do, I decided to search the open spaces ali. The main condition is to touch and call. My choice fell on a copy of Iphone 4 Yophone 4 he came fast enough and everything seemed to be arranged; he calls normally. SMS receives / sends confirmed delivery.
The next day, the phone began, began sending SMSthey didn’t withdraw money for incomprehensible whales, but SMS about non-delivery can come, for example, at night. The seller already somehow does not care about all this. You can’t open a dispute. In general, I was happy.
The idea of ​​doing a hundred came about a day on the third. I remembered about the long-forgotten bird market (it so happened that in Samara, in the bird market, they sell mostly everything you want and only then somewhere far away animals) and passed this Iphone for 1tr. Added another thousand and began to search. This device turned up and another one on MT6515 for $ 75.
In this I was attracted by a new percent. I decided to take a chance and generally did not lose much.
after 28 days of waiting, he finally got to his native post office, where they already recognize me on the campaign. because I just managed to say hello and I already have a notice to fill blow ©.
Well, I hope not tired of everything. And now…
Small neat little box

Options in principle standard
Mobile phone, charging, usb cable, headphones, and a gift
All this was carefully shoved into that little box

Hero of the review for larger

Sorry for the color fotkal on her lenovo at work, she distorted it that way, in fact the color is very cool saturated burgundy.

Without back cover

And the battery is bigger

By the way, if anyone knows from which bodies the battery can come up? if you know write, I will be very grateful for his contacts to the middle closer.
Screenshots Benchmark
We have such an interface

Program list
I must say that here I have already deleted all unnecessary and added the necessary

Antutu produced these results

I must say that in general the platform is at the level of 6575
there the CPU produces ~ 700 raccoons; there are 600; if the RAM were 512Mb, it would be great in general.
What shows in Antutu

About the camera, of course it's a lie, I think 1.3 with interpolation
Textile sensations ©
Outwardly, I liked it conveniently in the hand, the plastic is pleasant to the touch, the lid does not creak, has a small gap in one of the corners. The power button located on the side had to get used to after Lenovo.
Touch capacitive but responsiveness is not very badfulfills the sliding (xs as you call) the maximum touch xs the test did not do, but frutninzya cut only 1 time to the second finger did not respond (although it may have done something wrong). but undoubtedly better than resistive on the X10. I checked it, the stylus does not respond only to the finger. There is a specific Chinese smell.
A film was pasted on the phone, thanks to the seller for this, I couldn’t succeed
As for the software part, everything is fine here, I don’t know how true the android is 2.3.9, but the interface does not slow down the screen switching smoothly, the birds are going well
The vertebral part is also fully justifiedthat is, the phone normally keeps a network of wheezing and other things were not found. I must say that SIM cards are inserted quite specifically there, the first time I spent 20 minutes while I was looking for the right position.
Root was not originally on the phone, it was received using the z4root program in one click. The market works out of the box. Not all Google services are installed, but it does not bother me.
Wi-fi is a glitch (most likely software)After falling asleep, the phone cannot connect to the access point; you need to turn it on and off, after that it connects normally and works until it falls asleep again :-).
The battery lasts me for 2 days if used as a dialer (5-10 minutes per day), see 2gis and play a little.
Let everyone do it himself
Personally, I rather liked this phone than not, the owner also liked it.
I would pay another 10-15 bucks if I did with512MB of RAM, but unfortunately did not find one. Of course, it’s depressing that trouble with the firmware (with their availability), the seller went into unconsciousness and does not say whether it is possible to get the firmware on this phone.