Horrible boots and a good watch

Hello everybody!
I want to share a review on boots from the site www.alliexpress.com.
Looking ahead, I’ll say right away that they are disgusting !!! Anyone who is interested further, please, under the cut
I made the order myself, my friend asked. We stopped at such cute boots ... Successfully made an order. The package was sent on November 6, it was already on our mail on December 30!

Girlfriend chose the color brown, according to the tableWe decided that you need to order size 8. I received the parcel, opened it and was horrified !!! The smell was such that they stood for 3 days on the balcony and weathered ... and still the smell remained! The size was wrong anyway, they turned out to be small by 1 size. The material is like a piece of paper (very thin, inside a thin plush! I had to clean my boots immediately from the villi from the bombs. Everywhere there is glue. The thread seems to be no where sticking out and the seams are even
general horror and not boots!

The next review will be short) for a pretty watch.
Link to them aliexpress.com/item/J430-New-7-Colors-Promotion-Fashion-Korea-Rope-Watch-Braided-Leather-Cord-bracelet-watch-Lady-watch/569486340.html
I ordered a brown watch. The strap is as if aged)
In general, I’m quite happy with the watches, while they work keeping up) Of course, time has not passed much more than a month. But even if they become unusable, it will not be a pity to throw it away)

And at the end of another watch. I ordered them for myself.
Watch Link aliexpress.com/item/New-Special-Fashionable-Women-s-Wrist-Watch-White/499795212.html
Well, with this watch I also suffered (I ordered them back in October, they received it exactly 100 days later))).

When I opened the envelope I had a little eye on my foreheaddid not come out)))) they were just huge !!! Everything is super. They’ve done well. The seams are straight, not a single thread sticks out. There is only one minus for me (they can be disposable, so to speak, that is, if the battery sits down it cannot be changed in any way, if you just open the strap (((but so far I am 100% satisfied
Additional Information

P.S. I do not strongly judge either poet !!!
Oh yes, I almost forgot about the main thing !!!