The Clone Wars has begun) Lego Clone Darth Vader

Hello. I have not written reviews for a long time, because I did not find worthy purchases for this) But such a purchase was found, and this is a clone of the Lego designer from the Star Wars series, namely the figure of Darth Vader. According to the Lego catalog, it goes with the number 75111. The price of the original starts from 1500 rubles (~ $ 25), the price of this set is about 500 rubles ($ 7.64) For those interested, I ask for / cut
So, my wife and I personally ordered the designer) To some extent, I'm a fan of the Star Wars series, and we both love designers, puzzles, etc. etc. The children were also ordered the designers of the Disney girl series, so there will be a holiday ^ o ^ on their street
Let's start with the order / delivery. The order was placed on 01/09/2017, sent by the seller on 01/13/2017 and received on 02/02/2017.
Order screen

Because I took this designer purely for myself, then ordered without a box. Parcel arrived in a standard yellow postal bag, small parts were sealed in bags. and large ones lay simply in bulk in a bump. naturally there was a little book with instructions.
Package and composition

I did not see the instructions of the original Lego, but thisnot done very well. The assembly process is clearly visible and the sequence is clear, but the details necessary for each step are printed finely and sometimes do not match the colors of the parts themselves.
Clippings from the instructions

If someone needs an original instruction, it is, for example, here.
The assembly process itself was quite simple,except for the previously voiced difficulty with the search and selection of the necessary details. The quality of the parts is clearly not Lego, but for that price I will not quibble. There is a bit of flash on some parts. But in the end, after assembly, everything keeps well enough and nothing falls off even when you change the stance of the figure. The size of the figure in the rack is ~ 25 cm. Full growth is approximately ~ 28-30 cm. I will immediately show you the assembly result, and below will be the assembly result for each page of the instruction:



As a result, we get a very cool shelfmodelka. With proper care, you can safely play it. The "joints" hold tight enough, while putting the model for the photo, nothing fell off and did not depart. Of the minuses, I would like to mention only instructions and problems with casting, which I showed in the page assembly. Of the pluses, it’s 3 times lower price and buzz from assembly and staging
Yes, I almost forgot, I’ll give a screenshot to confirm my review on the product page:

That's all. Personally, I am very pleased with the purchase and the time spent on the assembly) My wife also participated in the process, picking up details for me) Thank you all for the time spent reading. I will be happy to answer your questions.