Funnel laboratory polypropylene d = 27 mm

It took little funnels for everyonetransfusions / toppings / spills and other operations with liquids. He walked around the local business, looked at the sites retail prices. Found only in one store, which is located “near the devil on the horns”, at a price of 50 rubles. a piece. He counted the money for the trip and since the need for a funnel was not critical, he immediately ordered it on Ali.
The package went a month. Packaging - the usual yellow bag, with a small stick inside. They arrived all safe and sound.
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Specification Top side diameter = 31 mm
The diameter of the funnel is 27 mm
Height - 40 mm
Spout diameter - 6.14 mm
Description The laboratory funnel is made of polypropylene (PP).
They have the following physical and chemical characteristics:
• temperature operation from? 10? C to +135? C;
• must be sterilized at a temperature of 121 ° C (20 minutes), as well as gas (ethylene oxide) or chemical compounds (ethanol, formalin);
• possess a hydrophobic release surface;
• resistant to concentrated, strong and dilute acids, alkalis, aldehydes, aliphatic alcohols and aliphatic hydrocarbons for a long time;
• resistant to the effects of halogenated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons, ethers and esters and ketones when interacting with them for a period of time from 7 to 30 days.
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Funnel photos

Photo measurements (results at the beginning of the post)

Application methods
Get poison

Pour DCE glue into another container

Knead the slurry

Fill a flask-drunk

Add ink to the CISS
Plastic is hard, but not oak that crumbles. Casting is good, no burrs.
I don’t know what else I can write. Thank you for your time and attention.