Yongnuo YN568EX on-camera flash for Nikon

Good day to all and photographers or not indifferent to this type of art in particular - this review is for you)
At the time of purchase, it cost $ 123.98 + a coupon of 11.11 - a total of $ 108.98
My first review, do not kick much)
Why did I need this flash? First of all, to work as a remote in a soft box or umbrella together with the Pixel King on the street. One of the few inexpensive but good onesFeatured Flash with FP (High Speed ​​Sync) Support. In principle, I have my own SB-600 but there is less power and it’s just a pity))
High speed sync up to 1/8000 sec.
Canon and Nikon Wireless Sync
Guide number 58 at ISO 100 and 105mm zoom. (manufacturer information)
Operating modes: ETTL / i-TTL, M, strobe mode, optical synchronization modes S1 and S2
Automatic and manual zoom 24 - 105 mm
2.5mm sync port
Metal shoe
recharge time no more than 3 sec.
Vertical rotation: -7 ~ 90 gr.
horizontal: 0 ~ 270 gr.
Wide-angle diffuser and reflective card
Food: 4? AA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH), external power is absent.
Color Temperature: 5600k
Pulse Duration: 1 / 200s ~ 1 / 20000s
Power adjustment: 8 levels (1/128 ~ 1/1), in increments of 1/3
External connection: hot shoe, PC port
Second curtain operation
Mute sound
Saving Settings
Sleep mode, overheat protection
Dimensions: 60? 73? 190 mm
Mass: 350 gr.
And so, after clicking on the $ 10 coupon for 11.11, having read everything I found on this puff, I decided to buy it. 13 the seller sent it. December 20 tracked at a local post office.
Came here in this form, just one layer of bumps


There are more gifts in the current seller’s lot,in addition to the flash, there is also a diffuser cap, a box for 4 batteries and a burdock-reflector. I put only a cap, although when ordering it was not in the gifts ... A trifle but nice)
A few more photos

I decided not to take detailed photos, there were already 568ex reviews, besides, there was a lot of information on the Internet.
That's how she looks and works with (on?) King

And most importantly, why the flash was bought - shutter speed 1/8000

But my D800 in CSL refused to work with her ... I started looking for the reason - and indeed, there was a tablet on the product page

Well, okay, it doesn’t hurt and it is necessary) Besides, only the TTL does not work, if you set the power in the commander manually, then everything works.
S1 and S2 modes also work just fine.

That’s probably all ...
Brief summary:
+ The fattest plus is FP support.
+ Well-established company, children's sores seem to have already been cured.
+ appearance and design, materials - at the brand level.
- Not all cameras are supported in Nikon CLS when using the built-in flash as a commander.
P.S. From the living creatures of the house, there is nothing besides flowers)
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