Aged Tibetan Shen Puer Brick

Hello! Shen Puer was launched in 2006 by the renowned Xiaguan factory in a subsidiary of Bao Yan. As a rule, the products of this brand are intended for Tibetans. I will say right away that this brick is not much different from the popular Saguan tea nests. And given the weight of 250 grams, the purchase is more profitable.
Branded paper packaging involves 5 such bricks. Therefore, piece by piece tea is sent in a regular bag.
Delivery within three weeks. Dispatch is fast. The store is new to me, but with a good rating. Tea is traditionally pressed very tightly. A real brick!
On one side of the brick are two branded hieroglyphs of the Xiaguan factory.
On the other side there are also branded pimples.
Side view of a brick.
The color of dry tea is dark, closer to shu puer. Tea is ripe, and is ready to drink. We are trying to brew. With an awl I separate a small piece of tea, rinse with hot water. Since this is Shen Puer, we take the cooled water, degrees 85-90. I brew for 30 seconds. It is advisable that the tea is slightly steamed after washing. The infusion turns dark golden, very beautiful.
The traditional smell of dried fruit. The taste of tea is very similar to the point of the same 2006. The traditional taste of the factory. Notes of prunes and dried pears. The taste is dense, tart. Perhaps this tea is even softer. There is absolutely no bitterness in him. Great ripe shen. Have a nice tea party !!!